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bitchy | Kyle Richards says she didn’t lose weight using off label drug Ozempic


It used to be lip injections and BBLs, but now we’re all talking about buccal fat removal and Ozempic. The latter is a diabetes medication that’s rumored to be popular among celebs for its off-label use as a weight-loss drug. Anytime a celebrity seems to lose some weight, people speculate it’s due to Ozempic. (I wonder how Adderall and cocaine feel about this speculation.) Sometimes it’s A-listers, but usually reality stars that I see as most subject to this Ozempic speculation. The latest is Kyle Richards of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fame. But she says she’s not taking it.

Since Ozempic was exposed as being a popular Hollywood weight-loss drug, celebrity watchers have been speculating over which of their favorites might be on it. The latest suspect is Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards.

Ozempic is intended to help treat diabetes, and can lower blood sugar and encourage insulin production, but has recently gone viral as a weight-loss drug rumored to be extremely popular in Hollywood. And now it seems that whenever Richards posts any kind of gym selfie, commenters on Instagram immediately began questioning whether or not Richards was getting a little extra help from Ozempic. Last week, she responded after a commenter wrote “ozempic” under a post-workout group shot, she responded, asking the user to “not spread lies,” and insisting, “I’m not on ozempic.”

Her denials did not stop fans from questioning her again. On Monday, when “Page Six” posted about one of her gym selfies on Instagram, commenters immediately began suggesting that she was taking Ozempic, causing her to issue a second denial. “I am NOT taking Ozempic. Never have,” she wrote Monday. She then responded to a comment theorizing that it wasn’t Ozempic, but plastic surgery, again shutting down the claims. “I have never tried Ozempic and this is not from plastic surgery,” she wrote, adding that she did “have a breast reduction in May.” She continued, promising that if she ever did decide to go under the knife for any more surgeries, she’d be sure to let fans know. “I’m honest about what I do,” she wrote. “But if giving plastic surgery makes you feel better then pop off sister.”

[From The Cut]

So Kyle posts gym selfies and commentators ask about Ozempic. She says it’s a lie, she is not now nor has she ever taken Ozempic, and if she gets surgeries she’ll let us know. Lol, thanks? I don’t know enough about Kyle’s vibe or Ozempic to say if she’s lying or not, but I kind of believe her. A lot of celebrities lie about plastic surgery and how they maintain their appearance, but as I’ve said before, reality stars, particularly Real Housewives, are typically more honest about that stuff. It’s a little gross for commenters to keep harassing Kyle directly on her Instagram and accusing her of taking Ozempic. Speculate among friends or on a third-party blog! In any case, Kyle is posting gym selfies, not pretending she only eats burgers and pizza and never works out. Even if she is lying about taking Ozempic, she’s not promoting some harmful, quick-fix method. And Ozempic does seem to have some tough side effects, including weight gain when people eventually stop taking it, as most people who don’t actually need it for diabetes would probably do.


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