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bitchy | King Charles’s security worries that eggs will be thrown on the Christmas walk


I wouldn’t go so far as to say that King Charles is historically unpopular, but I do think there’s a significant issue with his “popularity,” namely that support for Charles is a mile wide and an inch deep. He does not have some deep reserve of love, familiarity and historical bonds that his mother enjoyed. He treated Diana like sh-t and he treated his sons like sh-t. He’s married to a nasty piece of work, a woman who openly consorts with vile, hateful racists and misogynists. He’s such a sh-tty father that his youngest son and his youngest grandchildren are spending their fourth Christmas in a row thousands of miles away. He’s also going to spend millions in taxpayer money to throw himself a big coronation party… at a moment where there’s a huge cost of living crisis in the UK. So, as I said, Charles has some popularity issues. Will those popularity issues come to a head during the Sandringham Christmas walk?

An urgent review of King Charles’ security has taken place ahead of the royal family’s public appearance on Christmas Day, following recent protests. The Windsor family will greet well-wishers on December 25 as they walk back from a morning service at St Mary Magdalene church on their Sandringham estate.

However royal protection chiefs are concerned that the King may face protestors after being targeted twice by egg-hurling activists. The team responsible for the monarch safety are said to have met at least twice and ordered an immediate review of his security, The Mirror reported.

King Charles has had eggs thrown at him twice recently, earlier this month a man was arrested for common assault following a disturbance on St George’s Square in Luton. Though Charles, 74, appeared unfazed by the incident and quickly resumed shaking hands with members of the public after being moved to a different area. Just four weeks prior, another man was arrested for throwing an egg at the King and Queen Consort during a visit to York.

[From The Daily Mail]

If Charles and the other royals get eggs thrown at them at Sandringham, well… I would laugh. I know it’s a security issue and all of that, and if additional security protocols are being undertaken, so be it. But if the biggest f–king threat is “the lone egg-tosser,” then he’s actually in better shape than we thought. Besides, I doubt anything will happen to him in Sandringham. You never can predict egg-tossers though.

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