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bitchy | King Charles III’s coronation officially scheduled for May 6th, Prince Archie’s b-day


Last week, the rumor going around London was that King Charles III’s coronation was loosely scheduled for June 3. As it turns out, Charles didn’t want to wait that long and have his coronation bump up so close to Trooping the Colour. So now his coronation is officially scheduled for May 6… his grandson Archie’s fourth birthday.

Buckingham Palace announced via Twitter on Tuesday that King Charles III’s coronation date has officially been set.

“The Coronation of His Majesty The King will take place on Saturday 6 May 2023 at Westminster Abbey,” a statement on behalf of the royal family read. “The Ceremony will see His Majesty King Charles III crowned alongside The Queen Consort.”

Her Royal Highness, who was Britain’s longest-reigning monarch for 70 years, was just 27 when she received her coronation at Westminster Abbey.

Charles will be 74. His birthday is coming up in a few weeks on Nov. 14.

According to the royal family’s official website, representatives of the Houses of Parliament, Church and State, prime ministers, leading citizens from the Commonwealth and representatives of other countries are invited to attend the ceremony.

[From Page Six]

I originally thought it would be a Spring coronation, and my guess was mid-May. He’s going for early May, the first Saturday of May. I wonder if Archie’s birthday was a factor whatsoever? I doubt it – it probably didn’t enter Charles’s mind, nor did any of the courtiers double-check. Right? Or do we believe that Charles did this on purpose? I’ve already seen comments from some of the British commentators, suggesting that Harry and Meghan better not use Archie’s birthday as an “excuse” not to come to London. Weird vibes all around, honestly.

As for Queen Camilla, yes, she will be crowned alongside her husband. That has been Charles’s plan for years and years, and Queen Elizabeth only signed off on his Rottweiler scheme earlier this year, a lifetime ago.

Charles and Cam did an event in Aberdeenshire yesterday and I swear, I didn’t mean to laugh so hard at the horse photos.

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