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bitchy | King Charles III’s coronation is reportedly set for June 3, 2023


Here are some photos of King Charles III and Queen Camilla (ugh) in Dunfermline, Scotland this week. Following his mother’s funeral, Charles went back to Scotland to reflect and reorganize, and then this week, they did a little tour. Charles even referenced his pen mishaps during the mourning period when he signed a local council book – after he signed, he handed the pen to Camilla and made a lil’ joke: “These things are so temperamental.” As you can see from the photos, Charles is completely jazzed to be king. He’s really enjoying himself. According to Bloomberg, a loose date has been set for his coronation too:

King Charles III is expected to be crowned on June 3 next year in a ceremony at Westminster Abbey, UK officials said.

Speaking on condition of anonymity before a public announcement, the government officials said plans are converging on that Saturday near the start of the summer although discussions over which other days will become official holidays are still going on. Buckingham Palace declined to comment.

The coronation, almost 70 years to the day after his mother was crowned, will form the centerpiece of days of celebration to mark the beginning of the monarch’s reign. Charles acceded to the throne and was named king last month following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

By June next year the king will be 74, making him the oldest person to be crowned in British history. It has been widely reported that the coronation will be a smaller, more modest version of earlier ceremonies, with space for representatives of different faiths and community groups in line with modern Britain’s diversity. Charles will be crowned alongside his wife, the Queen Consort, Camilla.

[From Bloomberg]

Hello Mag noted that their sources are saying that the date has not been confirmed whatsoever, and that called the June 3rd date “much sooner than anticipated.” Considering Chaz is eager to get this done fast and considering his coronation won’t be as big as his mother’s, I was halfway expecting something in April or May. June 3rd would work though – it would be close to Trooping the Colour, so June would become a huge, visible rollout for KCIII’s streamlined monarchy. We’ll see if it actually happens like that though.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Cover Images.


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