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bitchy | King Charles III will appear on camera today for a national statement


As soon as Queen Elizabeth II breathed her last breath, Charles became king. While he has, in the past, considered styling himself with another name for his reign, at the end of the day his personal brand is built around the name Charles, so he is now King Charles III. His first act as king was to announce his mother’s passing and release a simple statement of mourning.

King Charles III stayed in Balmoral Thursday night with Queen Consort Camilla, and they are already on their way back to London. There will be much to do today and in the coming days, weeks and months. The new king will be following Operation London Bridge down to the letter, which means a national (and international) television broadcast today (Friday) on camera. Also happening today tomorrow: King Charles III will meet with the Privy Council for what’s known as the Ascension Council. For the first time in history, the Ascension Council will be televised. It’s more than likely that Queen Consort Camilla will be with her husband at the Privy Council and that she will be declared Queen Consort at the same time. The next eight days will be full of grieving tours, meetings, appearances and more for the new king and queen.

If my calculations are correct and Operation London Bridge is followed precisely, that means QEII’s funeral will be held on Saturday, September 17th. There will be so much gothic pageantry, we won’t even believe it. On the podcast, CB asked me how soon the coronation would be – there’s no date set yet, and Charles won’t set the date until after QEII’s funeral. Coronations take TONS of planning, even though Charles has often said he wants a more lowkey coronation. The coronation will be months away – my guess is that the new king will aim for something in spring 2023. He won’t want to do it in winter, especially with the soaring energy costs.


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