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bitchy | King Charles III thinks the Sussexes will come back when they need money?


In his first address to the nation, King Charles III made a surprising amount of news and almost all of it was about his sons. Charles notably announced that William and Kate would be getting the Prince of Wales/Princess of Wales titles, which means that George, Charlotte and Louis are all now “of Wales” rather than “of Cambridge” or “of Cornwall.” Prince George of Wales, etc. Wales will be what they use as surnames (i.e. George Wales) for school and what have you. Interestingly, King Charles III did not use any titles in reference to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. He said: “I want also to express my love for Harry and Meghan as they continue to build their lives overseas.”

That one sentence launched a thousand thinkpieces about what’s really going on and what Harry said to his father and what Charles wants, etc. My interpretation: Harry has made it clear that regardless of what happens next, he and Meghan consider Montecito their home. I also think Charles probably prefers that, but I also believe that Charles knows that there can’t be this constant transatlantic beef between them. Other people had different theories about what the new king meant. Like this guy.

The King, 73, spoke of both of his children in the address, saying he wished to “express my love for Harry and Meghan as they continue to build their lives overseas”. The Sussexes’ decision to step back as senior royals and move to the US caused a rift in the Firm – but a royal expert says Charles’ comments showed he was trying to heal old wounds.

Royal expert Nigel Cawthorne said the words showed he wanted the couple back “in the fold”.

He told The Sun: “That was rather interesting. [King Charles] is obviously trying to paper over the cracks there and try and draw them back into the fold. And when you think about it, Harry and Meghan may be getting a Netflix contract in the US, but they’ve played their trump card of being royal. In 20 or 30 years times how will they make their money? If they come back that’s a job for life. It was an olive branch. I think he wants them back in the fold. Because he won’t be able to visit them and his grandchildren in California without palaver.”

[From The Sun]

Literally no one considers the idea that Harry and Meghan are creating generational wealth with their business deals and contracts? It’s not like “whoops, we used up $120 million in a couple of years, we better beg the king to take us back!” Besides, as I said, I don’t even think Charles wants them back, nor do the Sussexes want to go back. Charles just wants to stop the bleeding, he wants the Montecito royals to not be his biggest liability. The problem is, he’s still treating them like complete sh-t and even if they never spoke again, they would still be a huge liability.

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