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bitchy | King Charles III got booed and ‘heckled’ in Cardiff, Wales on Friday


King Charles III had an extremely busy Friday. The plans for Operation London Bridge always involved a lot of activity for the new sovereign in the weeks following his mother’s death. We always knew he would have to go on tour of the UK, and that’s just what he’s done. On Friday, he went to Cardiff, Wales. He visited the castle, he gave a speech, he did a lil’ reception and a short walkabout. After the day-trip to Cardiff, Charles was back in London for a meeting with faith leaders, then in the evening, he did the “vigil” thing with his siblings. I’ll include the video for that at the end of the post.

Mostly I wanted to talk about his day-trip to Cardiff. Charles is now the former Prince of Wales, and I believe he held the PoW title the longest in history. He actually speaks some Welsh (he’s not crazy fluent, but his pronunciation is reportedly pretty good) and he has a home in Wales. One would think, out of everyone in the Windsor clan, Charles would probably get the best reception in Cardiff, right? Wrong. They were booing him:

While I’m not going to even attempt to Yanksplain why this is happening, I generally assume it’s a grab-bag of A) Charles is simply much less popular than his mother, B) Welsh peeps really hate it that the Crown still thinks it “owns” the “prince of Wales” title and C) just a general dislike of the monarchy. But that wasn’t even the worst of it. Check out this video of a Welsh man saying something which displeased the new king:

What’s the worst part? Is it that Charles doesn’t acknowledge the man whatsoever and immediately turns when he realizes he’s being criticized? Or is it that a royal protection officer immediately puts his body in between Charles and that dude, like the dude’s words were a threat to Charles? This is completely asinine.

Here’s the vigil video, which also happened on Friday.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.


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