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bitchy | King Charles evicted Prince Andrew’s office from Buckingham Palace


I was really wrong about how King Charles would treat Prince Andrew once Charles got all of the power and money. Charles’s pettiness is legendary, and I thought “well, Charles has 60-plus years worth of grudges against Andrew, of course Charles is going to cast out Andrew.” That hasn’t happened. Andrew still lives in the palatial Royal Lodge on the Windsor estate. Andrew will have private security, with an annual tab of £3 million, being picked up by Charles. Andrew was also allowed to walk to church with the rest of the royal family on Christmas day. I can only surmise that Charles is allowing Andrew to have all of these things because he can control and manipulate Andrew now. Speaking of, Charles wants credit for evicting Andrew’s office from Buckingham Palace. The move was supposed to happen years ago, but I guess QEII never got around to it:

The King has “evicted” the Duke of York from Buckingham Palace in the wake of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, according to reports. The Duke had maintained his private office at the palace, despite being stripped of his role as a working member of the family. He still has a “modest” staff of three or four people, including an admin secretary and a communications secretary, some of whom were based at the office.

However, the King is understood to have had a “reshuffle” since taking up residence, removing his brother’s office space. As part of the decision, the Duke, 62, will reportedly not be able to use the address for any future correspondence.

“Any presence at the palace is officially over,” a source was quoted as telling The Sun, adding: “The King has made it clear. He isn’t a working royal. He’s on his own.”

[From The Telegraph]

As I said, this eviction was supposed to happen back in 2019/2020, in the wake of Andrew’s ghastly TV interview. Andrew was forced to give up several staffers – staffers who approved of Andrew’s interview – and it was widely reported that his mother made him move his office out of BP then. Then again, Andrew supposedly stepped away from royal work in the wake of the interview, but he needed to be fired once again this year, when he settled with Virginia Giuffre to get her to drop the lawsuit. My point? It’s clear that Andrew’s mother never really made him give up jacksh-t, so yeah, Charles is doing some clean-up. While Andrew is still in the fold – his appearance at the Sandringham Christmas walk proved that – Charles has clipped his wings more than their mother ever did.

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