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bitchy | King Charles asked racist ‘relic’ Susan Hussey to stay on after his mother died


In much of the reporting about Susan Hussey’s resignation from Buckingham Palace, people have called her “Lady Susan Hussey.” I’ve done that too, but technically, she’s Baroness Hussey. Her late husband Marmaduke Hussey – former chairman of the BBC – was elevated to “Baron.” The Husseys were actually featured in some storylines in The Crown Season 5. Lady Susan was often described as Queen Elizabeth’s “favorite.” Which begs the question… why didn’t King Charles and Queen Camilla simply shove Susan Hussey out when QEII died? Baroness Hussey is 83 years old – she doesn’t need to be in a position where she greets palace guests by barraging them with racist questions. Let this old woman “retire” to the country. So the fact that Charles and Camilla wanted this racist old woman around speaks volumes about them. Hilariously, now the palace can’t throw her under the bus fast enough. From Page Six:

Lady Susan Hussey quit after making “unacceptable and deeply regrettable comments” to Black charity founder Ngozi Fulani, during a Buckingham Palace event — hosted by Queen Consort Camilla on Tuesday — to raise awareness about violence against women. The 83-year-old is godmother to Prince William and was one of Queen Elizabeth II’s closest confidantes.

Lady Susan, who is the widow of Marmaduke Hussey, the former chairman of the BBC, was the monarch’s longest-serving lady-in-waiting. Her official title was Woman of the Bedchamber, and she joined royal service in 1960. She was even by the queen’s side on the drive to Prince Philip’s funeral in April 2021.

One palace source told Page Six: “Lady Susan is a relic from another era, but she was with the queen for some of the most important moments of her reign. She was integral behind the scenes. She had the queen’s ear and the respect of the private secretaries and all the senior staff at Buckingham Palace. She was a force. She’s a formidable presence to say the least.”

“William and Harry are used to Lady Susan being around,” said another well-placed royal insider. “She was so close to the family that King Charles appointed her as one of William’s godmothers and Harry and Meghan were fond of her.”

Charles even asked her to stay on at the palace following the death of Queen Elizabeth in September — and Hussey’s daughter, Lady Katherine Brooke, was announced as one of Camilla’s six new aides over the weekend after the Queen Consort scrapped the traditional title of “ladies in waiting.”

“It just shows what a relic Lady Susan is,” the palace insider said. “She’s been using that opening shot ‘Where are you from?’ for all her life.”

Asked how this affects William and Kate’s US visit, the palace source said: “I would hope this would not overshadow [the trip]. Lady Susan was at Buckingham Palace at the request and bequest of the king and queen and not the Waleses.”

[From Page Six]

Ah, so the KING asked Susan to stay on. Charles has always preferred the company of older women who mother him, he’s forever looking for mother-surrogates and grandmother-surrogates. Is that what this is? He wanted his mother’s closest associates around him now that he’s king? Or was this Camilla’s call? Or both? What I really want to know is what Susan Hussey says in private, what kind of racist a–hole is she when she’s around Camilla and Charles and her godson Prince William. Yes, she is a relic from another time – and they all wanted her to stay on, representing them. She felt bold enough to act that way towards Ngozi Fulani standing in Buckingham Palace, with Queen Camilla standing just yards away. It’s the racist royal structure, not the individual racist.

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