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bitchy | King Charles allegedly refused the Sussexes’ request for a ‘sitdown meeting’?


In Netflix’s Harry & Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex detail how much they tried to make it work in the UK, how neither of them took it lightly as they made the decision to leave. Harry also made it clear that he was very angry – justifiably angry – with what his father and brother did and didn’t do to support him. At one point, Harry said to camera: “I have had to make peace with the fact we’re probably never going to get genuine accountability or a genuine apology.” I believe that, that Harry has made his peace with the fact that he’s not going to get accountability or an acknowledgement of wrongs. I’m glad he said that on the record, because the British media still wants to promote all kinds of stupid sh-t about “what Harry really thinks.” The man literally just spent six hours on Netflix telling you what he really thinks! So this Sunday Times piece by Roya Nikkhah is “Harry, as told by royal sources.”

The Sussexes want a sit-down: It can be revealed today that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex want to “sit down with the royal family” for a meeting to address their “issues” after their damning six-hour Netflix series, which involved relentless criticism of the monarchy. The couple feel the royal family has shown double standards by instigating a reconciliation meeting between Ngozi Fulani, the charity boss, and Lady Susan Hussey, a former lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth. A source close to the Sussexes said: “Nothing like that was ever done when Harry and Meghan raised various concerns — no meeting, formal apology or taking responsibility or accountability. That is hard to swallow — 100 per cent yes they’d like to have a meeting.”

Incideniary Spare: The Sunday Times understands that Harry’s autobiography, Spare, which will be published on January 10, includes claims about the monarchy that are more incendiary than those made in the Netflix series.

The Sussexes would like to see Charles before the coronation: They are keen for a meeting and reconciliation with the royal family before the coronation next May, which they are expected to attend. A senior palace source said: “If they want to get in touch with the King, they know where he lives.”

The palace wants to be seen snubbing the Sussexes: It is understood the royal family and Buckingham Palace have no plans to respond to the Sussexes’ claims in the Netflix series or to arrange a meeting with the couple. A courtier said of Harry’s criticism of the monarchy in the series and his forthcoming book: “That is Harry’s decision – he’s taking one decision, we’re taking another.”

A royal source claims the royals are voiceless: Asked why the royal family stayed silent last week, a courtier says: “We are deliberately keen to send a message by being voiceless. Our duty is to get on with the job. It isn’t to respond.” A friend of the royal family adds: “They are right to rise above it and concentrate on demonstrating that service and duty matter. Let the trivialities, pettiness and contradictions speak for themselves.”

Harry wants to create institutional change: A friend of Harry: “People ask ‘why air your dirty laundry?’ Everything Harry does and says is rooted in wanting to try and change things for the better, even if not everyone agrees with that. If the outcome of all of this is an institution and a family that operates in a more modern way, then so much the better . . . if there is a chance to improve things for the next generation, that’s a positive.”

King Charles’s friend speaks: “It’s a disgraceful betrayal of trust, an unwelcome distraction in the short term and very hurtful to the family. But it’s not as damaging to the monarchy as we feared. Most sensible people will see it for what it is — self-indulgent, one-sided and exploitative. With every passing month and year, it will be seen as the tawdry, shameful exercise it was. I’m sure Harry will come to regret it unless he’s lost to the world. William must be furious and the King will be devastated, but they will crack on, showing on a weekly basis what the job entails and the value it brings — Harry and Meghan can’t. Any chance of reconciliation is much harder now.”

[From The Sunday Times]

One of the stories I believed from earlier this year was that when Charles and Harry saw each other in the spring, Harry suggested they try to work out some of their issues with a mediator or family counselor, and Charles balked, telling Harry that the family is perfectly capable of handling their problems without any outside help. Charles was wrong then and he’s wrong now. Charles should have taken Harry up on the offer. But I bet Harry made the offer knowing his dad would refuse, because the institution refuses to acknowledge that the Sussexit remains a huge, gaping wound, and that Harry and Meghan’s existence has done major reputational damage to the monarchy. Anyway, I am 100% certain that Harry and Meghan are not “demanding” a sitdown with Charles or anyone else. I think it’s as Harry said – he’s made his peace with the fact that he and Meghan will never get accountability from any of these people. This is Charles wanting to be seen as “refusing” Harry, because that plays well to a limited domestic audience.

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