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bitchy | Kim Kardashian: ‘One day, my kids will thank me for not… bashing their dad’


Kim Kardashian has gotten a lot of crap about her divorce from Kanye West. It took nearly two full years for everything to get settled, mostly because there were some long-winded negotiations about money, real estate and custody of their kids. Plus, Kanye spent a year and a half trying to hold up the divorce and firing a succession of lawyers who wouldn’t go along with his unhinged schemes to do so. At the end of the day, Kim and Kanye do technically have joint custody of their kids, although Kim basically has primary custody and she had the kids most of the time. She’s gotten sh-t about divorcing Kanye, and she’s gotten sh-t about not divorcing him sooner, and not going for full custody of the kids and everything else. I don’t know – when it came to the divorce, I think Kim was just doing the best she could, all while dealing with an unmedicated ex who was threatening violence and openly stalking her and harassing her. Kim recently spoke to the Angie Martinez IRL podcast about how rough it’s been to coparent with Kanye:

Kim on coparenting: “Co-parenting is really f—ing hard… If they don’t know things that are being said, why would I ever bring that energy to them? That is real, heavy, grownup s— that they are not ready to deal with. When they are, we will have those conversations. One day, my kids will thank me for not sitting here and bashing their dad. I could. I definitely protected him and I still will in the eyes of my kids. For my kids. So, in my home, my kids don’t know anything that goes on [in] the outside world.”

She’s not doing well: “I am holding on by a thread. I know that I am so close to that not happening,” the SKIMS founder continued of the kids’ inevitable access to public information about their parents, “but while it is still that way, I will protect that to the end of the Earth as long as I can.”

She doesn’t want the kids to know the details: “My kids don’t know anything. So, at school, some of my best friends are the teachers, so I know what goes on at recess and lunchtime. I hear what is being talked about.”

She puts on a happy face in front of the kids: “If we are riding to school, and they want to listen to their dad’s music — no matter what we are going through — I have to have that smile on my face and blast his music and sing along with my kids. [I can] act like nothing is wrong and as soon as I drop them off, I can have a good cry.”

[From People]

Yeah… my parents struggled for years before they divorced and I can safely say that Kim’s kids know a lot more than Kim believes. I mean, it’s good that Kim isn’t talking sh-t about Kanye in front of her kids. It’s good that Kim is sheltering them from a lot of Kanye’s crap. But… the kids know some of it already, especially the older kids, North and Saint (who are 9 years old and 7 years old). North especially, since she seems to spend the most time with Kanye out of all four kids. While Kim tries to put a happy face on it, the kids can see that their dad is unwell, and God knows what Kanye is saying to them when he spends time with them. Also: while I’m never on Team “Dump All Of Your Problems on Your Children,” there is something to be said for being honest with your kids, especially when you’re struggling.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Kim’s Instagram.


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