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bitchy | Kim Kardashian got booed by a stadium full of people at the Rams game


Football season is here, which means that every weekend, the most random people trend on Twitter and people get really shouty about men and balls. I’m not judging football lovers, but it’s like watching people speak another language in front of me. Anyway, on Sunday, there was a big game in LA, at the SoFi Stadium. The Rams versus the Dallas Cowboys. Lots of celebrities came out for the football game in their backyard, including people like John Legend and Kim Kardashian. Kim was there with some of her kids. When she was shown on the Jumbotron, a whole-ass stadium full of football fans booed her.

Is Kim Kardashian the Rams’ bad luck charm or something? The Rams ended up losing and it’s was absolutely because Kim was there! (It was not.) I do think it’s interesting that Kim was booed though – I wouldn’t have thought that she would be super-popular at a football game, but I wouldn’t think she would be this unpopular either.

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Embed from Getty Images

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