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bitchy | Kim Kardashian dressed her kids up as musical icons for Halloween

Kim Kardashian loves Halloween. All of the Kardashian-Jenner women seem to love to decorate for the holidays, they all get that from Kris Jenner. It seems like each woman has their favorite holiday and for Kim, it’s Halloween. She went all out to decorate her minimalist home for the holiday, including one of the most unsettling hallways I think I’ve ever seen (I’m including the IG below).

Kim also loves to dress her dolls up for Halloween, and by “dolls” I mean her children. This year, she convinced (?) her kids to dress up as musical icons – North is Aaliyah, Saint is Snoop, Chicago is Sade and Psalm is Eazy-E. Honestly, Chicago and North are killing it in their costumes, although many people believe that the kids look “sad.” Sad because most kids probably want to be Elsa, Spiderman, a Minion or a Fortnite character. My take: the kids will likely have multiple Halloween costumes, don’t you think? This version was “mom said we had to dress up this way.” If she allows them to go trick-or-treating or to some kids’ Halloween party, I bet they have different costumes of their choosing. Come on – this is Kim’s favorite holiday, of course the kids have different costumes. Those kids are so beautiful too.

Here’s the IG post about her decorations. I’m sorry, this is f–king terrifying. That hallway looks like something Melania Trump would have designed for Christmas. Kim honestly put those f–king mannequins in her hallway! Her kids are probably terrified to get a drink of water at night. Jesus H.

Photos courtesy of Kim’s Instagram.

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