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bitchy | Khloe Kardashian did some subtle damage control after Tristan’s Mykonos vacay


As we discussed, Tristan Thompson is vacationing in Mykonos and he’s been seen in the company of multiple women. TMZ even got a video of Tristan taking a woman back to his hotel or something. Which is fine, because Tristan is technically single and he’s been single since last December, when Khloe Kardashian “dumped” him for cheating on her and impregnating Maralee Nichols. The problem is that Khloe and Tristan are expecting another child via surrogacy, and the surrogate is due any day now (if she hasn’t already given birth). Tristan didn’t stick around for the birth of another child. Because he doesn’t care. If there’s one thing you can count on Tristan to do, it’s blow up a Kardashian narrative. Khloe’s narrative for months has been that Tristan is desperate to get back with her, that she’s finally moving on. Then that shifted with the news of the surrogacy and the narrative became: Khloe wants to co-parent with Tristan, she wants him to be super-involved (and she also wants to eventually get back with him, btw). Tristan blew that up. So now Khloe is doing some minor damage control:

Khloé Kardashian seems to be OK with Tristan Thompson moving on with another woman. The reality star “liked” an Instagram post from a fan account on Tuesday that showed her NBA star ex holding hands with a mystery brunette.

“To everyone that’s freaking out about this video of Tristan in Greece with another girl, Khloe and Tristan are both single and according to the statement from Khloe’s rep, they haven’t spoken since December besides coparenting,” the fan page captioned the video.

“I don’t know why it would be crazy for Tristan to be with another girl as long as he’s a good dad to his baby.”

It appears Kardashian agreed with the user, as she gave the post a double tap.

[From Page Six]

In addition to that, suddenly E! News had an update on Khloe’s dating life too. Remember how Khloe is/was dating a private equity investor? Well, it sounds like that’s over. A source tells E! that Khloe went on a few dates with the guy but “she’s been low-key and hasn’t dated much lately.” Meaning that guy nope’d out of there as soon as he realized the extent of Khloe’s messy situation with Tristan. Another source claims: “Khloe is definitely very open to dating but isn’t forcing anything.” That’s because she was hanging her hat on getting Tristan back and he’s making it abundantly clear that will not happen.

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