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bitchy | Kay: The monarchy is giving Prince Harry a chance to come back (alone)


One of the leading segments on MSNBC on Wednesday was about how Prince Harry, a combat war veteran, was not allowed to wear a uniform in QEII’s procession down the Mall. Throughout the week, it’s felt like the world is watching the Duke and Duchess of Sussex get treated poorly, and the British derangement towards Harry and Meghan is being exposed at an international level. Even some royal commentators – eager to get gigs on international broadcasts – are changing up their talking points to reflect the international sympathy towards Harry and Meghan. So it’s curious to try to watch the British media, speaking to their domestic audience, try to explain what’s happening and what it means. Speaking of, Richard Kay’s latest column is fascinating. Just days ago, Prince William leaked a whole heroic story about how he alone decided to invite the Sussexes to the walkabout outside of Windsor Castle. I believe that Kay has gotten more guidance from Kensington Palace for this piece, which is about how Harry needs to “come back.” Just Harry.

The Fab Four: Four days earlier, as Harry and Meghan joined William and Kate to view the flowers and greet well-wishers at Windsor Castle, there was no disguising the coolness that now exists between brothers on whom the long-term future of the Royal Family once depended. Where once they were a natural and spontaneous foursome, now they were awkward and uncertain. But at least they were together. The question was, could Harry accept the olive branch he was being offered?

Harry should be grateful he wasn’t snubbed at his grandmother’s procession: How easy it would have been to confine the Prince and his wife to some minor role, tucked away as they were during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations as a mere support act. On that occasion the reality of their role as minor royals alongside the Queen’s cousins in the less prominent pews at St Paul’s Cathedral could not have been clearer. And if the same had happened this week, wouldn’t they only have had themselves to blame? Their peevish complaints from their Montecito mansion, so often insensitive, have continued unabated. While looming over everything remains the spectre of Harry’s score-settling memoir.

Magnanimous Chuck & Peggington: Yet King Charles — and indeed William — have shown magnanimity. Rather than being excluded, Harry has been brought into the centre of things. His role yesterday was hardly obscure. Indeed he was afforded every courtesy of his position as the King’s son. He was in his rightful place alongside his brother and behind his father….As for Meghan, she too was shown the respect that merits a monarch’s daughter-in-law. While Harry walked with his brother, his wife travelled in a royal limousine with his aunt Sophie, Countess of Wessex. She was second in the convoy of royal cars behind the Queen Consort and Kate, the new Princess of Wales. In the fine-tuned world of monarchy these are more than just symbolic gestures. Here, Harry was being shown his rightful place in the House of Windsor, should he ever wish to return and pick up the threads of his royal life.

Harry would be welcomed back: Surveying the now thinning ranks of frontline royals, even he must realise how much his father, a pensioner King, and his brother need him. The question is, will Harry seize the opportunity?

Homesick Harry: For months, rumours have trickled out from California that Harry is homesick, that he misses his friends, his old Army buddies and even the English countryside. ‘What does he do all day,’ is frequently asked by some of his oldest friends? It is only fair to say that in Meghan and their children, he has a settled and extremely happy domestic life. And it would be a mistake to ignore the fact that he is here because of his love and affection for the Queen and he has been sincerely sorrowful.

A way back: But opportunity for members of the Royal Family rarely knocks more than once. Between them, his father and brother have offered him a way back and he has had more than a glimpse of the life he left behind. There is a pragmatism here on Charles’s and William’s part: they need him. Slimming down the Royal Family is all very well, but in just two years it has lost much of its firepower: the disgraced Andrew, the absent Harry and Meghan, and now the Queen. Soon those royal cousins, the Gloucesters and Kents, who did much of the unsung heavy lifting are likely to retire. There will be a need for more working royals, not fewer.

Compromise for the Sussexes: For Harry any step towards a royal re-engagement would mean significant compromise. Can he cancel the book, for example, and can he stop his wife’s endless critical and selfish interventions about how shabbily they were treated by the royals?

Compromise for Peggington: There would need to be compromise on William’s side, too — and he will not find it easy to forgive. As one royal friend told me: ‘You can apologise but you can’t unsay things you have said and Harry and Meghan have said an awful lot, much of it deeply hurtful.’

Meghan’s detached role: Just suppose some form of reconciliation came to pass, and Harry was prepared to resume his life here, where would that leave Meghan? Could they find a new royal model that allows Harry to rejoin ‘The Firm’ and his wife to have a semi-detached role? It could be done. A role of this sort developed over time for Princess Diana, who continued to support Charles at national events throughout their separation but followed her own path in terms of duties. The difference of course is that Diana did not commercialise her life as Meghan and Harry have done. And it is for this reason, tragically, that for all the positive signs the couple’s presence have triggered, not even the most optimistic of courtiers truly believe there is any way back for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex….In the years ahead, failing to recognise the possibilities presented to them this week may turn out to be the couple’s biggest error yet.

[From The Daily Mail]

Wow, these people are completely insane. It’s the year of our lord and savior Virgo Queen Beyonce 2022 and these awful people are still trying to condescendingly convince Harry that he needs to leave his Black wife in America and come running back to Salt Island. That William and Charles “need” him, but only if he apologizes and leaves his wife and children behind. What’s absolutely f–king crazy about this is that Harry and Meghan literally offered this kind of “half-in” situation and they were denied. They were told it’s impossible. They were told to sink or swim, because the institution believed they would sink. Even Kay is saying it plainly: the monarchy needs Harry more than Harry needs the monarchy, although the monarchy won’t admit it.

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