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bitchy | Jamie Lee Curtis shades Cate Blanchett’s driving: I was born in LA


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Jamie Lee Curtis presented Cate Blanchett with the Desert Palm achievement award at last week’s Palm Springs International Film Awards. So the two decided to drive together from Los Angeles to Palm Springs. It sounds like they should’ve turned the road trip into a buddy movie, according to both their speeches at the event. The start of their adventure began with an argument over who was the better driver, which stands, of yet, unresolved. Cate had the last word on stage that she is, in fact, the better driver. But Jamie contents it is not possible for Cate, an Australian, to be a better driver than she, an Angeleno, on her home turf, doing a run to the desert, that she’s done in every form of consciousness.

Cate Blanchett and Jamie Lee Curtis can’t agree on which of the pair is better at driving.

At the Palm Springs International Film Awards in Palm Springs, Calif. on Thursday, the actresses explained together how their road trip east of Los Angeles made them almost miss the event altogether as Curtis, 64, presented Blanchett, 53, with the Desert Palm achievement award.

“I made a condition that we drive together which immediately became an achievement competition of its own as [Blanchett] claims to be a great driver and I had to remind her that I am born and raised in the f—— city of angels,” Curtis told an audience of the decision to drive with the TÁR actress to the event.

“I’ve been to Palm Springs and back, high and not high, I’ve gone to Hadley’s and had a date shake a million times,” the Everything Everywhere All at Once actress added during her presentation.

“And so, although I’m sure there are many, many things that Cate Blanchett can say about herself, and she may be under some delusion that her top three includes driving, I will beg loudly to differ…”

As Blanchett took the stage for her acceptance speech, she offered a different perspective on her own driving abilities.

“I think you should do my eulogy and for the record, I’m the better driver,” Blanchett quipped to Curtis and the audience. “It’s a fact.”

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I love that one of the top three skill-sets Cate lists is driving. Of all the things she demands to be known for. And here’s Jamie Lee Curtis trying to swipe that crown. I get the impression this argument went on the entire trip, too. Apparently it was driving and packing, Jamie objected to what and how Cate packed for the trip. I’m adding Roadtrip with Jamie and Cate to my Bucket List. These petty bits give me life.

As for the driving qualifications, I have no idea which lady wins out, but I do know that Jamie’s “born and raised in the f—— city of angels,” argument crumbled before she got to the end of it. Angelenos are a menace to the road and whatever else they chose to drive on that day. Just because we must do it all the time doesn’t mean we are any good at it. We’re just angrier and more eager to get the hell off the road by any means necessary. Now, I’m not saying Jamie isn’t a wonderful driver, I don’t know, she’s never invited me anywhere *ahem*. But being born and reared in the shadow of the 405 isn’t the argument she thinks it is. However, if Jamie and Cate would like me to weigh in on who’s the better motorist, I’ll buy the date shakes at Hadleys.

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