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bitchy | Is the publication of Prince Harry’s memoir being delayed until 2023?


Post-Jubbly, the British media has nothing to hold over the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s heads. There’s no big event coming up which Harry & Meghan simply “must” come to and/or be excluded from. I mean, if we’re being honest and somewhat macabre, the next big event would arguably be the Queen’s funeral. But you know, nothing on the actual schedule. Which is why the British media is still doing the most to feign outrage over Harry’s memoir. Harry only confirmed that he was writing a memoir last year, when there were some mysterious leaks about it in the Murdoch press. Initially, we heard that the publication was loosely scheduled for late autumn 2022. Then in May of this year, the publisher confirmed to the Times of London that the book didn’t have a publication date yet and the book wasn’t on any of the fall release schedules. Now the Sun claims that the publication has been pushed back to 2023.

The release of Prince Harry’s “heartfelt” life story, started in 2020, looks like it has been delayed. Royal insiders were surprised to learn the memoir — expected to open new family wounds — was not on its publisher’s list of upcoming books. Penguin Random House said previously that the as yet unnamed autobiography would be out this autumn.

Duke of Sussex Harry, 37, has been researching the book which is being ghostwritten by Pulitzer Prize-winning author JR Moehringer.

Harry has kept a lid on the contents and told only the Queen, 96, that he was working on it before it was announced last summer.

A royal insider said: “If this book’s coming out this year as originally planned it should be in the publisher’s marketing and promotional list — unless they’re planning a surprise or there’s been a delay. Its omission has raised lots of eyebrows in royal circles.”

A spokeswoman for Transworld, part of Penguin Random House, told The Sun on Sunday: “We don’t put every book on the list so there is nothing to be extrapolated from that.”

[From The Sun]

Is this just another version of the May story in the Times? I think it might be. I think the Sun is just regurgitating old news with the new quote about “raised lots of eyebrows in royal circles.” As I think we’ve seen in recent years, the royals don’t know sh-t about how anything works in America or in the regular world, so their eyebrows tend to “raise” about a lot of different, stupid things. But I do wonder WTF is going on with this memoir. I feel like Harry has probably completed writing it, so it is just a matter of the publisher A) trying to figure out if they have any legal liability and B) figuring out the best time to release the book where it will make the biggest splash. As for the delay… it reminds me of Harry’s AppleTV series, The Me You Can’t See. That suffered multiple delays and the British media thought the delays would mean it was some kind of dud, and the series ended up being amazing and incredibly newsworthy. I’ve been lowkey wondering if Harry’s memoir will end up being like The Me You Can’t See: The Book.

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