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bitchy | How much did Jennifer Lopez spend on her ‘honeymoon wardrobe’?


As I’ve been saying all week, I cannot believe how many outfits Jennifer Lopez brought to Paris. J.Lo, Ben Affleck and four of their children have been in Paris for a week, and J.Lo has averaged about three full costume changes per day. I don’t think she’s even repeated one thing – new shoes, new purses and different sunglasses with each new ensemble. It’s remarkable. I would love to know if she had a mood board and Polaroids planning out all of her ensembles ahead of time. Hilariously, Jen has also been shopping throughout the trip. She’s gone to Hermes, Isabel Marant, Dior and all of the big shopping districts. She’s given us different kinds of looks too, from “classy denim” to “prairie sister wife” to “sophisticated black tie” to “summer sundress.”

So, clearly, people want to know how much Jennifer Lopez spent on her honeymoon wardrobe. Lord, can we call this a trousseau? LOL. Anyway, the Daily Mail claims that J.Lo has spent $170K on her honeymoon wardrobe, and they claim that the figure takes into account her “$248 Reformation dress to a $10,500 Gucci gown (and don’t forget the $80,000 Birkin!).” See, the purses are the reason why I think the Mail is actually low-balling the figure. Between the purses, shoes, all-designer outfits, sunglasses AND jewelry, I’m sure J.Lo spent easily close to $500K on her honeymoon wardrobe. On thing I do like is that she’s not sticking to one designer though – she’s worn everything from Reformation to Oscar de la Renta to custom Dolce & Gabbana and McQueen. She’s blended mass-market pieces with couture too. She must have done a lookbook, right?

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