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bitchy | Hilaria Baldwin still isn’t sure if she’s done after giving birth to her seventh kid


In September, Hilaria Baldwin welcomed her seventh child, bebe Ilaria Catalina Irena. According to the official record, Hilaria is 38 years old, although I’ve always believed that she shaved a few years off. Her oldest child, Carmen Gabriela, is only 9 years old. So Hilaria has welcomed seven children in a decade, and only one of those kids was officially the result of surrogacy/gestational carrying. It’s a lot. It’s too much. So after the birth of Ilaria and now that Hilaria has three daughters, will she stop? Alec was ready for her to stop like three babies ago.

Seven kids and done? “I would have said before [that I’m] definitely done. Seven kids in, I feel like I am, but it’s Alec and me — so, time will tell!”

Things haven’t changed too much since Ilaria’s arrival. “I have to say that once I passed three kids, I just embraced the chaos. We have a wild and super fun house. Always something going on. Being truly present for each one of them is hard, and I obviously don’t get it right all the time. My two oldest have nightly homework that I do with them, and to balance play with the younger ones, breast-feeding the youngest — it can get to be quite a juggle.”

Mom guilt: Hilaria admitted that she experiences mom guilt “every single day,” but she tries to remind herself that she’s doing her best — and that she also gave birth just over one month ago. “It doesn’t matter if you have one kid or a million, I think many parents feel like we are never enough. This is where I’m trying to lean into self-compassion, realizing that I’m only one person trying her best, and by being kind to myself, I set a healthier example for my kids to be kind to themselves too.”

Her new iHeart podcast, “Witches Anonymous”: “We want to lean into the supportive woman we all have inside of us and examine why we can also be adversarial with other women. We’ll be talking about witches in pop culture and what it means to be a witch … and what sisterhood means in pop culture. We have so much forward momentum in our feminist community right now. How can we have open conversations in order to create change? We can totally do this!”

[From Us Weekly]

Yeah, I just don’t believe that Hilaria is some supermom, juggling everything all by herself. Granted, she doesn’t claim to do it all by herself, but she consistently refuses to acknowledge or give credit to all of the nannies and child-minders who work for her. Hilaria even gets mad when Alec acknowledges all of the childcare help they have – like, five babies ago, they employed five full-time nannies. Again, there’s nothing wrong with having childcare. But Hilaria definitely wants to leave the impression that she is taking care of all of her babies all by herself, in addition to running a yoga studio and plotting for more children. As I always say: loca in the cabeza.

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