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bitchy | Hilaria Baldwin brought back her fake Spanish accent to address the paparazzi


Last Thursday, a New Mexico district attorney announced that they would bring criminal charges against Alec Baldwin and Hannah Gutierrez-Reed for the involuntary manslaughter of Halyna Hutchins, the cinematographer on Rust. The charges were somewhat of a surprise, especially given that many believe that Hutchins’s death was a tragic accident, or failing that, criminal negligence solely on the part of Gutierrez-Reed, who was the armorer on the production. If this goes to trial (meaning, if Alec doesn’t take a plea or the charges somehow go away), it’s going to be a huge circus and a very expensive legal exercise for Alec. The last f–king thing he needs his baby-collecting wife making everything about HER.

Well, on Friday, Hilaria Baldwin stepped out in New York. She wore pleather leggings and a sweatshirt reading “EMPATHY.” The paparazzi were out and of course Hilaria had to stop and speak them. Keep in mind, this woman is from Boston. She visited Spain a few times in her childhood. She grew up in Boston, she went to college in America, and as an adult, she’s taken some vacations in Spain. She has lied for years about being “from Spain.” Check out her accent in this video:

No but I f–king lost it when she said “ven aquí!” And she’s trying to pronounce her words with a fake Mexican accent, if my ear is correct – that’s not a Spanish accent she’s trying to fake. Hilaria is, how you say, procedente de Tijuana by way of Boston. And the whole calling the paparazzi over to the side of the building so she can give a press conference to say that she won’t be giving press conferences… dios mio, nuez como un pastel de frutas. And using her seven children! MY GOD.

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