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bitchy | Henry Cavill: ‘I will, after all, not be returning as Superman’


Hey, remember when I told you I was happy Henry Cavill was returning as Superman? And thank goodness because of the nonsense that had him leaving The Witcher and being replaced by Liam Hemsworth? Yeah, well… my bad. Both James Gunn and Henry told fans yesterday that although everyone still loves each other (uh-huh) Henry is not coming back as Superman. The hell?!

Henry posted the following:

James posted this to Twitter:

Those two people did not attend the same meeting. Henry sounds disappointed, as he should be. Not only was he asked to return, he was told to announce it. This is the second franchise that he cared about that he is being screwed out of. It’s pretty clear that he left The Witcher due to the show’s refusal to stick with the source material. But at least he had Superman to fall back on. Except that now they’ve gone in a different direction on Superman. I’m not worried about Henry, he has more in him than the DC franchise. He’ll be fine. But after all the love he got when he announced his return, not to mention psyching himself up to take on the Superman mantle once again, this must have been a heavy blow.

And James sounds positively gleeful about ripping the job away from Henry. What future projects will they include Henry in? He can’t be another superhero, because we will only see him as Superman wearing another guy’s cape. I realize Gunn is capable of other subjects, but let’s face it, DC is going to be his focus for a bit. This sucks. Not to mention we don’t need another G-D origin story on Superman. It would be infinitely more interesting to watch these superheroes, especially those who yield the amount of power Superman does, to exist in the world we live in today. What about Superman in the world of Covid, a situation he actually could not save? Superman at full power but helpless – that’s a story I want to see. But no. We’re just going to erase and start again. I guess casting for a new Lex Luther is coming next. *yawn*

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