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bitchy | Greta Thunberg destroyed vile misogynist Andrew Tate with one tweet

While disgusting old men love to harass all teenage girls, there’s something specific about Greta Thunberg. Greta, a now-19-year-old environmental activist, triggers something for those rancid men. Greta just exists and takes up space and does her activism and decrepit dudes can’t stop crying about it. So that’s what happened yesterday – if you’re not familiar with Andrew Tate, consider yourself blessed. Tate is a British “men’s rights” douche who has been deplatformed by most social media sites for inciting violent misogyny against women and girls. Tate is completely vile. He decided to tweet some sh-t about his cars and directed it to Greta Thunberg. She bodied him with one quote-tweet and then went about her day:

Greta’s tweet reached one million likes in a few hours, and as of Thursday morning, it reached almost 2.5 million likes, not to mention over 400K retweets. She literally didn’t tweet anything else other than this quote-tweet and it was beautiful. Tate was so salty about it he had the most Karen response ever:

LMAO!!!!! Ever since, Tate and his small-d acolytes have been in a blind panic, trying to threaten, harass, cajole, bargain and lie their way out of this very public dog-walk. What’s been interesting to watch is that it’s not just Tate’s sad-sack people either – all of the men in conservative media in America and Europe are crying about this. Greta’s power is so amazing. Tate has been furiously trying to recover from this sh-t, even posting a video where he apparently ranted nonsensical sh-t about Greta (IDK, I didn’t watch it). Just take the L, dude.

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