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bitchy | Gigi Hadid ‘doesn’t have the energy to run after’ Leonardo DiCaprio


Leonardo DiCaprio has spent much of the past month looking like the old Leo. It’s been years since he’s been single and ready to mingle, when you think about it – Leo started dating Camila Morrone when she was only 19/20 years old, and he only dumped her on or around her 25th birthday. Which means he was relatively locked down in a relationship for the better part of five years. Crazy. Leo was never going to jump right back into a “serious” relationship post-Camila, but Leo wasn’t expecting the wall-to-wall clowning he received, so his fauxmance with Gigi Hadid was hastily arranged. They could only play along for a few months before Leo was back to his old ways, being surrounded by models in Miami and going on group-dates with Victoria Lamas. Now Gigi’s people are letting it be known that Gigi was never serious about Leo either.

Gigi Hadid isn’t fretting over pics this week of Leonardo DiCaprio and another young model. A source tells us DiCaprio and Hadid, who were first spotted hanging out together in September during New York Fashion Week, “like each other very much, but neither one wants anything serious right now.”

The source tells us: “Gigi’s priority is her daughter.”

The model, 27, shares 2-year-old Khai with her ex, pop star Zayn Malik.

Our source also notes DiCaprio’s busy travel schedule played a factor. He was just in Miami for Art Basel — where Page Six exhaustively tracked his nightly outings from yacht parties to mansion bashes. The “Titanic” star is now in Los Angeles. He customarily heads to St. Barts for New Year’s.

“Gigi doesn’t have the energy to run after DiCaprio,” says our source. “His routine is too much for her.”

[From Page Six]

“Gigi doesn’t have the energy to run after DiCaprio.” Very few women do. That also explains why he doesn’t date people over the age of 25 – they don’t have the energy to chase him, nor do they have the empty schedules which enable them to follow him around endlessly. You see, that’s why he NEEDS to date 20-year-olds – they have the energy to follow him around and they aren’t booked and busy. Anyway, I hope Gigi got what she wanted from this fauxmance – a blitz of gossip and hopefully some additional modeling contracts.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.


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