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bitchy | Gerard Pique goes Instagram-official with his strawberry-jam-eating tart


Shakira and Gerard Pique announced their separation last June. We knew, even then, that Pique cheated on Shakira and he had treated her like crap for years. She stayed because they have two sons together and she wanted to do everything she could to make it work. Then Pique invited his mistress, Clara Chia Marti, into his shared home with Shakira and Clara ate Shakira’s strawberry jam. That is apparently how Shakira found out that Pique was cheating on her and inviting his mistress into their home and their bed. That’s when Shakira finally left.

Well, now Pique and Clara Chia Marti are official. Pique posted the above Instagram on Wednesday. Clara is 23, Pique is 35, Shakira is 45. I absolutely believe that Clara thinks she scored some big prize, and that she’s saving Gerard from Shakira. Clara thinks she’s won. I’m not going to tell her. Shakira’s not going to tell her either.

Incidentally, Pique isn’t just scum for how he treated the mother of his children. Pique’s big sports management/investment firm Kosmos is an utter catastrophe. Kosmos made a big deal in 2018 to take over Davis Cup, the national team competition in tennis. Kosmos was supposed to make Davis Cup profitable to the tune of $40 million in prize money annually. Just weeks ago, the International Tennis Federation withdrew from the Kosmos deal because Kosmos didn’t have the money, and the whole thing was just a huge scam. They’re going to court over it. I hope the ITF destroys Kosmos and Pique and sues them all into oblivion.

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