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bitchy | Gary Goldsmith: ‘If anything, it is Meghan who is jealous of Kate’


You can always tell when the Middletons are especially worried about something, because suddenly Gary Goldsmith is giving interviews. It happened a lot last year after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Oprah interview – following the interview, Kate’s dodgy uncle Gary was sent out to say despicable sh-t about Meghan. But Gary is positive too, it’s not all unhinged diss tracks – he talked openly about how Charles and Camilla shouldn’t be king and queen, that William and Kate need to be the monarchs now, and that Kate is “brilliant” as a partner and peacemaker. I’m actually a little bit surprised that Gary was dusted off to do the Middletons’ dirty work right now, considering Kate was largely blanked in the Sussexes’ Netflix series. It’s possible the Middletons are unsettled right now about other things. Curious. Anyway, some highlights from Dodgy Uncle Gary’s latest interview with the Mail:

Gary’s reaction to the Netflix series: ‘Wow. To begin with, I found myself mesmerised, but after seeing the final three episodes I now feel slightly sullied and dirty. The whole thing just beggars belief. To me, the series felt not only scripted and inauthentic, but unfair, self-interested, unreasonable and untrue — especially when done in the knowledge that William and Catherine could never answer back. They promised bombs, but it wasn’t exactly the Blitz was it? More like a series of hissy fits and throwing toys out of the pram.’

Gary says Kate is a hugger: ‘At her younger sister Pippa’s wedding in 2017, she had Prince George in her arms and literally ran over to give me and my daughter Tallulah a massive hug.’

The Keens would welcome the Sussexes back: ‘I think Catherine and William will be feeling deeply wounded. They love Harry, they miss him. He is family and, despite this attack, I believe they’d still welcome him and Meghan back. There’s nothing Catherine would want more than for the brothers to be reconciled because that’s the real love story here. Two brothers who love each other but have been torn apart. No one wants Prince Harry to be unhappy. No one wants to see Meghan so depressed she felt like taking her life, but is this really the best way to go about repairing relationships?

The Keens have the real love story!! ‘The real fairy-tale love story is Catherine and William. They are now working together as a cohesive unit while the other fairy-tale couple in America are being massively disruptive.’

Kate isn’t cold: ‘As her uncle, I can tell you that this presentation of Kate as cold is just laughable. Everybody loves Kate, she is the most beautiful girl; even more beautiful on the inside than out. She’s got a big heart and desperately wants the boys to get back together. You could see that at the funeral of Prince Philip. When it was the three of them together you could see the bond. Kate is really welcoming and such a gorgeous girl, so to imply she’s cold was really hard, a bitter pill to swallow. If this is where Meghan starts, then there where is it going to end?’

He thinks Meghan is jealous of Kate: ‘I think, if anything, it is Meghan who is jealous of Kate because she makes it look effortless — when it is, as Meghan discovered, such hard work. I think Kate is perfect for this job. She was born for it and the partnership she has got with William is fantastic.

[From The Daily Mail]

I’m still chuckling at “if anything, it is Meghan who is jealous of Kate.” LMAO. Yes, it’s definitely not the other way around, of course not. It’s not like Kate was in a full-blown panic for years, it’s not like Kate isn’t still copying Meghan’s style, it’s not like Kate obsessively creates lookbooks and records full of Meghan’s clothes, her events, her jewelry, her behavior so that Kate can reference Meghan visually at every event. As for the rest of it… the Middletons have been seriously unsettled for a while and Gary’s interviews are always indicative of something going on behind-the-scenes.

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