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bitchy | Fire HD tablets for 50% off, nail strengthening cream and the best dog waste bags


From CB: I got the Jason Markk shoe cleaner and brush we talked about a couple of weeks ago. It worked well to make my sneakers cleaner-looking and smelling, but didn’t magically remove a tough stain. Still, I’m pleased with that purchase and would buy it again. The bottle is sure to last a long time though. I also really like the Maybelline Instant Age Perfector 4-in-1 Glow Makeup. I use it all over when I’m not doing a full face and it makes me look so polished. I was thinking my skin looked so smooth and clear and then realized it was just makeup. Here are some more things Hecate and I are looking at on Amazon! Also next week is Prime’s Early Access sale on Tuesday and Wednesday and we’ll try to have at least one post for that.

The best dog waste bags make an unpleasant task easier

From CB: I have a four-month-old German Shepherd puppy and he does his business multiple times a day. The type of bags I use make a huge difference and these lavender-scented bags by Earth Rated are definitely the best. The scent is light, not overpowering and pleasant IMO. Plus the bags are thick and sturdy. You get 900 bags for $33 and here’s a link to 270 for $13.29. These have over 709 ratings, 4.9 stars and a B on Fakespot. Other dog owners like them as much as I do. “The bags are large enough to handle multiple deposits while on our outings. We have never had a single bag split open or leak which is obviously very important.” “I love these bags. It’s nice buying them in bulk! These will last several months, and are good solid bags with a nice scent. Would buy again.”

Up to 82% off a Haus Lab liquid eyeshadow, lip gloss and lip liner kit

From CB: The Haus Lab ‘Haus of Collections’ kit includes a liquid shimmer eye shadow, lip gloss and lip liner in a cosmetic bag and it’s on sale now for $8.60 and up. The one I like is Angel Baby at $18.15. You can use the liquid shimmer as a highlighter as well depending on the shade. This listing has over 3,400 ratings, 4.6 stars and a B on Fakespot. Reviewers say the colors are pretty and long lasting and that they love the liner and lip gloss particularly. “Quality products in this cute set. Lip gloss is very sheer but can be paired with the liner for a deeper color. Love the eyeshadow! Goes in easily and doesn’t crease, even after hours of wear. Love the bag that comes with it, too.” “My new favorite liner/gloss combo for sure. Hope they never ever discontinue.”

A crewneck sweatshirt dress with pockets for a comfy, stylish fall

From CB: I’m looking for easy-to-wear dresses for the cooler fall weather. This crewneck sweatshirt dress by Amazon Essentials is in sizes x-small to 6x and in 10 colors and patterns, with most under $26. It has 829 ratings, 4.2 stars and the same score on ReviewMeta. Women say it’s flattering, comfortable and they get compliments on it. Some say it runs large. “Super comfortable and soft material. Great fit. Very flattering to my body shape.” “I LOVE this dress and will be buying another one! It is loose and comfortable, and runs big so I will order a size smaller next time. Very soft, just like a typical sweatshirt. I love that it is thick and does not cling.”

A sugar free electrolyte supplement to prevent dehydration

From CB: Hi-Lyte zero calorie electrolyte supplement is easily added to water to provide needed minerals and more effective hydration. It’s unflavored and has a slight salt-like taste. This has over 5,200 ratings, 4.4 stars and a B on Fakespot. It’s formulated with potassium, magnesium, zinc and salt to quickly replenish nutrients. You just add a half teaspoon per glass of water and there are 48 servings in a bottle. People say it works well to keep them hydrated on hot, active days. “I sweat a lot and am on my feet most of the day so getting dehydrated is something I struggle with. Especially the side effects of dehydration. I feel like I always have a headache. Saw these on a thread for traveling in hot places and got them. I now use them every day and my headaches have subsided. When I don’t use them I can really notice the difference. “ “No off taste, no lingering aftertaste, no cramps. Helped my kid to avoid headaches when training in the heat as well.”

A cute fall blouse with lacy sleeves

From CB: This blouse by Miholl comes in 42 different colors and sheer sleeve patterns and in sizes small to xx-large. It’s the #1 best seller in blouses and shirts and is under $26. It has 58,000 ratings, 4.3 stars and the same score on ReviewMeta. Women say that these blouses are comfortable and that they can be styled as casual or dressy. “Fits nicely, not too tight and not too loose. The sleeves are so cute! Very elegant but can be worn as a more casual top also. Going to buy more!” “Not too snug and the sleeves as soooo flattering for us thicker arm girls. Seriously buying another.”

Half off a Fire HD tablet for yourself or a friend

From Hecate: I am ONLY bringing up those other holidays before Halloween because a bunch of Amazon’s Kindle products are half off this week. So if you are thinking of giving them as gifts this year, this might be the right time to get them. This Fire HD 8 (2020 release) is normally $90 but it’s only $45 this week! That’s the 32 GB and the 64 GB is on sale for $75. Regardless of what you use a Kindle for, they’re great. I have an ancient, read only, black and white Kindle that I just revitalized for my trip over the summer and I fell in love all over again. I’m thinking about this for the kitchen. There are options of getting it with ad-supported lockscreen, with a firestick or with a Luna Cloud gaming controller and four case colors to choose from. I’m sure by now you know the benefits of a Kindle Fire. The Fire allows for apps, games, video and music so it’s great for all ages. Not surprisingly, the Fire has over 150,000 reviews, with 4.6 stars that ReviewMeta confirmed. Just to be clear, though, the Kindle Fire is not a tablet, “It is inexpensive because Amazon provides the content and they want you to have a cheap way to enjoy it. It is an E Reader, Music Player, Video Player not a full fledged Android Tablet.” A lot of people bring up the battery life, “Surprisingly, I recharge this tablet ONCE EVERY 3 DAYS, despite having it turned on all day with WiFi, and doing a lot of Kindle reading.” As us electronic addicts can attest, a good battery life is something to crow about.

Nail strengthening cream that works surprisingly fast

From Hecate: I’ll admit, I love this name as much as I love the product: Hard as Hoof strengthening cream. This stuff claims to strengthen fragile nails to prevent chips and splits. It has 25 years worth of experience to go on, too. So it must be doing something right. And it has a nice coconut scent so you can feel like you’re on a tropical getaway as you’re pampering yourself. A one ounce jar is normally $10, but it’s only $8 this week. With over 55,000 reviews, it has 4.4 stars and a B on Fakespot. Reviews said the effects happened overnight, “​​This stuff, is… Amazing. I massaged it into my nails, and a little as hand lotion before bed. The next morning…. WOW! My cuticles looked so odd. In a GREAT way. I couldn’t believe it.” This one gives a great tip and keeps it succinct, “TLDR: absolutely crucial to put on first thing in morning before hands get wet.” If you suffer from brittle nails, this could be the answer, especially going into the winter months.

Warm spider web leggings for a stylish Halloween

From Hecate: to make up with my egregious mentioning of the late year holidays, here are some cute spider web leggings for this holiday season. These brushed-lined leggings are seamless and look so comfy. They come in two web patterns and colors to choose. And they’re only $20! They’re sized med-4XL, but a few comments said to order them a size larger. Over 800 reviewers gave them 4.4 stars that ReviewMeta confirmed. People who bought them said they feel good and they wear well, “They pass the squat test (meaning if I squat, u still cant see my underwear.) They are warm enough for a cold fall day, the design is cute.” Others were surprised at the quality they got for the price, “For the cost I thought they would be some throw away leggings after Halloween but they are very comfortable and seem to be good quality. They are double layered and have soft fleece inside.” I want these so bad but I don’t think our temps will drop below 75 until mid-November. *sad Hecate face*

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