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bitchy | Fascist lunatic Alex Jones got reamed in court yesterday, it was glorious


We’ve barely discussed right-wing lunatic Alex Jones on this blog, other than to call him one of the most disgusting people in the world. Jones is a famous radio personality who spreads damaging and crazy conspiracies constantly. One of his biggest and most damaging conspiracies was about Sandy Hook, the 2012 school shooting which left twenty children and six adults dead. Jones claimed it was all a government operation to take away people’s guns. Jones and his cult members harassed and abused Sandy Hook parents for years. Those parents ended up suing Jones and winning.

Currently, the jury is sitting through testimony to determine how much money Jones will have to pay the Sandy Hook families. Jones was on the stand yesterday and it was a remarkable day of cross-examination from the Sandy Hook parents’ lawyer. As it turns out, Jones’s lawyer “accidentally” sent years of data from Jones’s phone to the Sandy Hook lawyer. Jones’s lawyer didn’t inform his client of the mistake, so Jones perjured himself repeatedly before the Sandy Hook lawyer revealed the information.

I’m including an MSNBC segment on the day in court too, Ali Velshi explains what’s happening in court, including Jones admitting that he lied about Sandy Hook this whole time. Velshi also explains how Jones has been lying about his finances, which were also revealed in the phone data!! LMAO. I hope those Sandy Hook parents take every last f–king dime from this piece of sh-t. Oh, and the January 6th Committee is going to request Jones’s phone records… from the Sandy Hook lawyers!!!!

Screencap courtesy of MSNBC.


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