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bitchy | FA president Prince William is ‘too busy’ to attend the World Cup in Qatar


For years, people have known that the FIFA World Cup in Qatar would be a political hot potato. Qatar brought in what amounts to slave labor to build all of the facilities around the games. The migrants were abused and there seems to be a sophisticated, state-run trafficking operation as part of the games. Qatar has draconian anti-LGBTQ laws, so there are tons of human rights concerns over how LGBTQ players and fans will be treated by the host nation. Plus, there was just a mountain of corruption at every level of FIFA and the Qatari government. So, yeah, this year’s World Cup was always going to be really awful, and political leaders will have a lot to weigh if they decide to go or stay home. Football Association president Prince William has weighed his options and decided to stay home. Hilariously, his excuse is that he’s too busy to attend the games. LMAO.

Prince William will not travel to Qatar to watch England play in the World Cup next month, according to a report. The Prince of Wales, who is President of the Football Association, had been expected to attend matches in the Middle East next month. But The Sun, citing Royal sources, reports that the heir to the throne’s busy diary means he will not be able to attend.

William and the Princess of Wales have a number of engagements throughout the World Cup, including a trip to Boston in the United States for the awarding of the Earthshot Prize on December 2.

Even if Gareth Southgate’s men were to progress to the final on December 18, sources told The Sun it is unlikely that The Prince would make an appearance. If it were to go ahead, he would form part of a broader government delegation.

It comes amid growing backlash against the World Cup being hosted in Qatar over the Gulf state’s poor human rights record and its criminalisation of same-sex relationships. James Cleverly, the foreign secretary, this week provoked fury after warning that LGBT supporters needed to “compromise” and be “respectful of the host nation” during the tournament held in a country where homosexuals can face the death penalty.

His comments, made the morning after Rishi Sunak’s appointment as Prime Minister, drew a withering response from a Number 10 spokesman, who said of gay fans: “We wouldn’t expect them to compromise who they are and you’ll know the UK has very clear rules around this. Qatar’s policies are not those of the UK Government and not ones that we would endorse.”

England captain Harry Kane is among several captains from teams around the world who are planning to wear a rainbow “OneLove” armband during the tournament to make an anti-discrimination statement. It is understood that England players and the Football Association feel so strongly about Kane wearing the armband that they are willing to accept fines for making their stand.

[From The Telegraph]

I would have more respect for William’s refusal to attend the games if he was explicitly political about it. I know that’s not his style as a Tory stooge, but it would be bold if William was like “I’m not going because love is love, and LGBTQ fans deserve to be treated with respect.” It would also be amazing if William went to the games and made a similar statement of support to the English team and THEIR pro-LGBTQ stance. As in, William could say something like “I’m FA president and these guys don’t have to fight the homophobic system alone.” Instead, The Other Brother’s bold move is to make up an excuse about scheduling and his full calendar. The World Cup starts on November 20, with England playing their first match on November 21st- William and Kate aren’t due in Boston until the beginning of December. Scheduling-wise, William is not exactly booked and busy.

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