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bitchy | Everyone is ‘so proud’ of the Waleses for ‘not retaliating’ against the Sussexes


Kensington Palace has been on a briefing spree since Netflix dropped the first Harry & Meghan trailer during Prince William and Kate’s Boston trip. I still believe that William spent hours screaming down the phone, calling the Sussexes “the Kardashians” and shrieking about how much he “f–king hates” Meghan. Even after the Netflix series was over, William was still briefing everyone about how he and Harry will never reconcile and William will never forgive Harry for the cardinal sin of… falling in love, getting married and not putting up with William’s bullsh-t. I bring up the past month of blatant briefing from Kensington Palace (if not William himself) because Ingrid Seward thinks the king and queen are “applauding” William and Kate for being so… silent. LOL.

The Prince and Princess of Wales’ decision to not retaliate to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s explosive Netflix series has been applauded by other royals, an expert has said. William and Kate have not spoken out about the bombshell six-part documentary, which saw a number of claims levelled against the royals. Among them was that William screamed and shouted at younger brother Harry during the Sandringham Summit and that Kate had an awkward formal first meeting with Meghan. And according to royal expert and author Ingrid Seward, members of the Firm, especially King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla have been especially supportive of the couple.

She told the Mirror: “Other family members are being supportive, especially the duty-bound King and Queen, who understand how the accusations in Harry and Meghan’s extensive Netflix interviews have been incredibly hurtful. Rather than stooping to their level, they have applauded the couple’s decision not to retaliate in any way. ”

It comes after the past three months have been ones of massive upheaval for William and Kate as well as their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.But despite it being all change, Ingrid says the couple has worked to make sure the transition has been as smooth and stress-free as possible.

She explained: “On the day their great-grandmother passed away, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and little Prince Louis were enjoying their first day at their new school, Lambrook just outside Windsor. Shielded from the furore surrounding the official announcement of great granny’s death later in the day, Catherine’s priority was to be with them at Adelaide Cottage while William headed to Balmoral. Suddenly and unexpectedly the world had changed for them all. They had only recently moved to the elegant little house on the Windsor estate leaving behind Anmer Hall their home from home in Norfolk. The idea was to keep them all together as a tight family unit while even their staff were housed in separate accommodation.

“Luckily children are happily adaptable. Adults have to follow suit. Both William and Kate were thrust into full-time official royal duties while keeping their favourite causes running alongside. As Prince of Wales, William took on his father’s duties along with his titles and income from the Duchy of Cornwall. As Princess of Wales, Kate was conscious of her predecessor as well as all the extra responsibilities she had taken over from her brother-in-law, Prince Harry such as becoming patron of the rugby football league.

“Harry’s clumsy attempts to claim Diana’s legacy sit uncomfortably beside William and Kate’s grace, dignity and hard work, which has lent their new roles another dimension and they are obviously proud to carry the title than once epitomised Diana.”

[From The Daily Mirror]

I never understood all of the panic about Kate staying in Windsor on the day QEII died. It was her kids’ first day of school, of course she wanted to be there for their first day. Royalists were acting absolutely bonkers to try to make excuses for Kate’s absence in Balmoral when the truth would have sufficed. Instead, they made it sound like Meghan couldn’t come to Balmoral because Kate wasn’t there plus “the royals don’t consider Meghan to be part of the family.” What could have been a simple story about first-day-of-school logistics became another royal attack on Meghan. As for all of the keenery about William and Kate’s extra duties… they haven’t done anything but go on flop tours and mystery vacations. And no, William hasn’t stayed silent. He’s been screaming and raging for weeks.

Meanwhile, did you see that Kate planted a tree? She didn’t really plant it. Someone else dug the hole, put a wild cherry tree in the hole and filled in most of the hole with dirt, then Kate came along and posed with a shovel for the last part and Kate got credit for “planting a tree.” That’s representative of everything Kate does. It’s a microcosm of every Keen event. The wild cherry tree was donated by the Duchy of Cornwall (Kate is the Duchess of Cornwall) and it was planted there because Westminster Abbey had to remove a horse chestnut tree which had rotted. The Abbey made a big deal about how Kate planted it in memory of Queen Elizabeth.

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