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bitchy | Elon Musk officially ‘bought’ Twitter and began firing executives immediately

After months of broke-ass clownery, Elon Musk has officially “bought” Twitter. He did so to A) avoid a background check and B) avoid a trial at the Court of Chancery. Musk arrived at Twitter HQ yesterday and began firing executives. I imagine in the coming days, there will be more firings and a mass exodus of staffers. The Nazis, propagandists and bigots are already celebrating and rejoining the platform. I really hoped that this wouldn’t go through in the end, that Musk would be too broke and too clownish to go through with it. But it looks like Twitter’s board was ready to take the money and run.

After months of waffling, lawsuits, verbal mudslinging and the near miss of a full blown trial, Elon Musk now owns Twitter.

On Thursday night, Mr. Musk closed his $44 billion deal to buy the social media service, said three people with knowledge of the situation. He also began cleaning house, with at least four top Twitter executives — including the chief executive and chief financial officer — getting fired on Thursday. Mr. Musk had arrived at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters on Wednesday and met with engineers and ad executives.

The closing of the deal, which followed months of drama and legal challenges as Mr. Musk changed his mind about buying the company, sets Twitter on an uncertain course. Mr. Musk, a self-described “free speech absolutist,” has said that he wants to make the social media platform a more freewheeling place for all types of commentary and that he would “reverse the permanent ban” of former President Donald J. Trump from the service.

Mr. Musk’s open approach to speech on Twitter could exacerbate long simmering issues of toxic content and misinformation, affecting political debates around the world. Early tests will come within days, when Brazil elects its president and American voters go to the polls on Nov. 8 for the midterm elections. Twitter said it would prohibit misleading claims about voting and the outcome of elections, but that was before Mr. Musk owned it.

The Twitter executives who were fired on Thursday include Parag Agrawal, the chief executive; Ned Segal, the chief financial officer; Vijaya Gadde, the top legal and policy executive; and Sean Edgett, the general counsel, said two people with knowledge of the matter. At least one of the executives who was fired was escorted out of Twitter’s office, they said.

[From The New York Times]

Yeah, our dark timeline has gotten a hell of a lot darker. Where are you guys meeting up when the Nazis take over Twitter? Please don’t say TikTok. The only hope I have is that Musk f–ks up the platform so badly that he’ll be forced to sell the dried out Nazi husk to someone reasonable, and they’ll rebuild it. I don’t know. It’s super-depressing.

Apparently, the “let that sink in” thing is something to do with QAnon. Just FYI, that’s where we are now. All of this because Elon Musk wanted to buy clout and friends.

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