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bitchy | Elon Musk dissolved Twitter’s board & he’s removing safeguards on political content


Elon Musk’s Nazi hellsite is crashing and burning faster than many predicted. It seemed inevitable that the crash would come, but Musk hasn’t even “owned” Twitter for a full week. Musk will likely end the “free” verification part of Twitter and he’ll begin charging people for verification and he’ll raise the cost of Twitter Blue services. Musk also dissolved Twitter’s board of directors and made himself the sole director of the company.

Elon Musk has dissolved Twitter’s board and made himself the “sole director” of the company. All previous members of the board have been removed from that role, leaving only Mr Musk as a director, according to a new filing. The action was taken on Thursday as part of Mr Musk’s $44bn (£38bn) purchase of the company, according to that same SEC filing, which was made public on Monday.

The board had previously included its chairman, Bret Taylor, as well as recently ousted chief executive Parag Agrawal; in all, it included nine directors.

It is just one of a number of substantial changes that Mr Musk has already made, within days of buying and taking over the company. Others include the suggestion that he will set up a council that will review content moderation decisions, that he will be firing significant number of employees, and that he could allow previously banned users back onto the platform.

[From The Independent]

In addition to firing most (if not all) of the Twitter executives and dissolving the board, Musk has “pulled more than 50 of his trusted Tesla employees, mostly software engineers from the Autopilot team, into his Twitter takeover.” I’m sure the Musk fanboys will insist that these crazy-billionaire schemes are more four-dimensional chess moves from Musk. The same four-dimensional chess which had him buying an overvalued product on borrowed money, then driving that $44 billion investment into the ground in less than a week?

Musk is also removing a lot of safeguards and controls around political content on Twitter, which is particularly scary given the midterm election is one week away. If sh-t goes down next week – and I’m certain it will – that might mark a mass exodus from the Twitter platform. Reputable media outlets, government officials and businesses will all decide that Musk’s Nazi hellsite is not worth it. Advertisers will pull out. What happens then?

I also predict that Musk will end the suspension of Donald Trump’s account this week. Buckle up, bitches.

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