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bitchy | Eden: The Sussexes went out of their way to find an unflattering image of Kate


Something’s bugging me! The so-called carnival of royal experts are getting very basic royal history wrong. Netflix’s trailer (teaser) for the Harry & Meghan docuseries was released yesterday, and the royalists keep misidentifying some of the photos. The stark image of Meghan in black is not from QEII’s funeral, it’s from Remembrance Sunday (when Meghan was a working royal). The photo of Kate giving bitchface is from the Commonwealth service… in 2019, not 2020. I bring this up because a new genre of royal commentary popped up in the past 24 hours: royal reporters weeping about the teaser trailer. Richard Eden provided some absolutely hilarious commentary and he’s getting a lot of sh-t wrong. The photo above, the one used in the teaser, is from Commonwealth 2019, when Meghan was pregnant with Archie. I know it’s difficult – Kate was constantly bitchfaced around Meghan, especially at Commonwealth services.

Friends of Prince William and Kate Middleton have said they are ‘sickened’ by the way the couple have been portrayed in the trailer for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s upcoming docuseries, The Mail’s Richard Eden has revealed. Speaking to Mail+, the expert said he was personally ‘appalled’ by the trailer, which was released by Netflix today, which he said was ‘everything we feared’.

The one-minute clip showed a host of never-before-seen pictures of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, as well as a black and white picture of a stony faced Prince and Princess of Wales taken during the Commonwealth Day Ceremony at Westminster in 2020. Richard said Harry and Meghan, who are based in Montecito, California, deliberately aimed to ‘upstage’ his older brother and his wife, who are currently in the US visiting Boston ahead of William’s glitzy Earthshot Prize reception tomorrow night.

‘I was appalled when I watched this trailer, frankly, It’s everything we feared, it really is,’ Richard told Mail+. ‘I’ve heard from Friends of Prince William and Catherine today, and they’ve been frankly sickened by what’s appeared in this video. The use of William and Catherine and the image and the way it’s presented, my goodness,’ he added.

He said he was particularly shocked about the juxtaposition of footage of Meghan crying, and a picture of a ‘stony faced, stern image of Catherine at Westminster,’ which was taken on Commonwealth Day in March 2020. ‘Remember, this is a service that Omid Scobie, Meghan’s cheerleader, wrote about,’ Richard pointed out. ‘He said that Harry and Meghan had been left that William and Catherine had refused to make even eye contact with them that day and this seems to be referring to that.’

The expert went on to say friends of the Prince and Princess of Wales have pointed out that the team behind the docuseries ‘seem to have gone to great lengths to find the one unflattering image of Catherine for this trailer.’

‘I mean come on, Meghan is meant to have given up acting but she seems to be back acting again for this reality show or documentary series. We don’t just see her in tears at one point. That’s not enough: not one single tear dripping down her cheek. No, no, she has to tub her face to emphasize these tears, ‘ he went on. ‘This could be an Oscar winning performance.’

‘The timing of this trailer could hardly be worse. We’ve got William and Catherine going on their big American visit. They’ve got the ceremony for the Earthshot Prize on Friday. And the day before comes this curtain racer comes this trailer, which of course will attract huge interest and be watched around the world. It’s a deliberate attempt to upstage [Kate and William] and the use of their images in it really rams that point home, you know, this documentary series is meant to be about Harry and Meghan. Yet, they’re featuring William and Catherine in the one minute trailer. I think the royal family will be waiting nervously to see what’s in it next week, you know. The trailer is deliberately meant to whet the appetite of the public and that’s what it’s doing and they’re certainly hinting at, you know, a lot of controversy, a lot of scandal. It’s “see behind closed doors,” that’s what they are emphasising in this trailer. I think there’s going to be a lot of nerves in the palaces this evening,’ Richard concluded.

[From The Daily Mail]

Again, can you trust a royal commentator who can’t even get simple things right about what year a photo is from? I suspect that the use of that photo in particular was used specifically because Meghan was pregnant with Archie and the smears against her were in full force, to the point where she was suicidal. As in, that time period will be discussed in the docuseries. Also: you really do not have to look that hard to find unflattering photos of Kate. I literally have a photo archive full of them. And let me tell you, Kate has no poker face, and it was even worse when she had to make appearances with Meghan in 2018 and 2019. Kate always looked like a Disney villainess. Anyway, CRY HARDER.

Photos of the 2019 Commonwealth service, courtesy of Avalon Red.


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