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bitchy | Duchess Meghan’s Variety ‘Power of Women’ cover was postponed


The original plan for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s British and German tour was to attend the WellChild Awards last Thursday and then head back to California. Then, as we now know, Meghan was going to New York next week, the week of the 19th. She was apparently due at the United Nations, and she was scheduled to appear on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote Archetypes. When Queen Elizabeth II passed, the Sussexes’ plans were put in disarray. They had to stay in the UK, Meghan postponed her Archetypes episodes this week and she canceled her appearance in New York. SOB! Now another postponement: she was supposed to be on this week’s Variety cover.

Meghan Markle’s upcoming appearance on the cover of Variety magazine has been delayed.

The Duchess of Sussex, 41, was chosen by the magazine as one of its honorees for the upcoming Power of Women issue, they announced Wednesday.

Following Queen Elizabeth’s death last week, however, the magazine announced that Meghan’s cover was being held “out of respect for the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II.”

The outlet also said Meghan will not be attending the Power of Women event in Los Angeles on September 28.

Variety is also honoring Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, Oprah Winfrey and Ava DuVernay, Malala and Elizabeth Olsen.

[From People]

Man, the Windsors really screwed up everything for our Meghan. We were going to see so much of her, see her out and about in New York, laughing with Fallon, making speeches at the UN and chatting with Variety. It sounds like the Variety cover story will come out at some point, hopefully next week or the week after. There are rumors in the British media (eyeroll) that Meghan is postponing Archetypes for six weeks, but I honestly doubt it will be that long. I think it will be two weeks. And hopefully, she’ll reschedule some TV appearances too.

As for Variety, they interviewed Mariah Carey about the anniversary of Butterfly and her career and a lot more. They asked her about sitting down with Meghan for Archetypes too:

Speaking of royalty, just a week before Queen Elizabeth II’s death, Carey was a guest on Meghan Markle’s “Archetypes” podcast on Spotify in an episode titled, “The Duality of the Diva.” Once together on the podcast, Carey and Markle discussed intimately what it meant to be called the “difficult” version of diva and their shared experiences of being biracial women.

“I don’t know that I should be an authority on anybody but myself, but to preface my answer — I did not meet the Queen,” she says. “I am, however, obsessed with the show ‘The Crown.’ And the podcast with Meghan, I felt, was an important moment and one that I truly enjoyed — getting her take on things, she’s had her journey and I’ve had mine. There are some similarities, like being biracial. I tend to dwell on that topic because I just can’t get over it. It’s always a thing, whether I bring it up or someone else does. I assume that’s why it was interesting for she and I to talk for her podcast. There are so many misconceptions about her and about me — you can’t even realize how many misconceptions.”

[From Variety]

I honestly thought Meghan and Mariah’s conversation about being biracial was more interesting than the diva talk! I get why Meghan didn’t devote the episode to The Bifurcation of Biracial (our girl loves alliteration) but I do wish they had talked more about it.

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