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bitchy | Duchess Meghan’s podcast was ‘a smack in the face for Harry,’ you guys


I’m so disappointed in the British media! As soon as the Duchess of Sussex’s Archetypes podcast dropped, I was on tenterhooks waiting for the onslaught of “Meghan has blind-sided the Palace” stories. Where are the “Archetypes is a slap in the face to our poor Queen” narratives? Is Salt Island okay? They’re probably breathing a sigh of relief that Episode 1 wasn’t explicitly terrible for them, or maybe they’re just saving their biggest tantrums for the Sunday papers. What we’ve gotten in the meantime is Angela Levin making an absolute clown out of herself, and Richard Fitzwilliams tries to gaslight Meghan about her experiences. (Note: Levin does suggest that Archetypes was “a smack in the face for Harry and a punch towards the Royal Family,” so there you go.) Some dumb highlights:

Royal commentator Angela Levin also pointed to the hypocrisy of the remarks, suggesting that Meghan ‘would still be a D-list celebrity if she had not married a prince’. She also said Meghan had come across ‘ungrateful and a victim’ when she had ‘so many chances others had not’, adding that many royals are ambitious and have had success both in their own careers and in terms of raising money for charities.

Ms Levin continued: ‘She would still be a D-list celebrity if she had not married a prince. She aligns herself with them [Serena Williams and next podcast guest Mariah Carey], but they have done brilliantly and overcome difficult childhood, whereas she has married a prince and spent a lot of money. She thought it was normal to be ambitious and only when she started dating Harry did she realise that it was not welcomed. My goodness, that is a smack at Harry and a punch to the Royal Family. Harry told her about life in the Royal Family, but she obviously did not want to listen. The Royal Family is about ambition in sense of duty and giving. It is not about getting to the top. Why is everything so hard for her? Because she won’t accept where she is and make the best of it. She has had a nanny when most could not. She has said will see the real her, well she needs to justify the ambition claim she is making.’

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams also described Meghan’s remarks on ambition as ‘curious’.

He told MailOnline: ‘She undoubtedly feels she has been singled out. The interview was about The Misconception of Ambition, but the implication here is that after she dated Harry she feels she was picked on. She was ambitious beforehand and did well in Suits but that is not top league television.

‘There is surely nothing wrong in being ambitious and being royal, in fact the role positively encourages a member of the royal family to be ambitious to help those in need. Diana was very ambitious, her charitable work and her public profile were synonymous, ultimately fatefully so, but she did immense good. Meghan argues ambition is discouraged in women and gives no acknowledgement of the enormous advances made by the #MeToo movement. This is simplistic. There is nothing wrong with self-promotion if the results, as with Diana, benefit others. If you define ambition as “a strong desire or determination to succeed”, many royals are ambitious. You naturally want to succeed in your endeavours.

‘Essentially however, this is a very negative view of women, we all know they have been breaking the glass ceiling for many years now. Her podcast, with a fascinating guest famous for her ambition on the tennis court, totally ignores this.’

[From The Daily Mail]

“This is a very negative view of women” – that’s what Meghan is saying, you f–king moron. That it f–king sucks to call women “ambitious” as a pejorative. And now all of the royal women are going to fall all over themselves to say that they too are “ambitious.” We’ll be hearing about how Diana, Kate, Sophie, Anne, Camilla and even the Queen are all ambitious… but ambitious in the right way, meaning the WHITE way, not like pushy, American, Black Meghan. As for Levin… I am begging the Mail and everyone else to simply stop quoting Levin, she is completely deranged. I saw her tweets yesterday – it was like watching some QAnoner slowly confronting the fact that their whole malignant, conspiracy-laden world was a lie.

Spotify released this too. Very cute. It’s nice that Meghan wore something which Kate can easily copy. Kate absolutely took screenshots and added this to her lookbook!

Photos courtesy of Spotify and Instar.


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