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bitchy | Duchess Meghan’s funeral look & behavior was impeccable, actually


I remember, at the Platinum Jubbly, someone saying that the Duchess of Sussex was “the prettiest girl in that church.” It was true. The church service at St. Paul’s Cathedral was organized in such a way that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex got their own time and space to make the walk down the aisle. There was a notable murmur as people watched them. On that day, Meghan walked with her head held high, even though the institution was going out of their way to “snub” them. So it was for QEII’s funeral. After denying Harry the right to wear a military uniform and denying him the final salute to his commander-in-chief, it’s still remarkable to me just how thoroughly Harry and Meghan stood out the entire day and the entire mourning period. All of those snubs, all of the pettiness and viciousness only highlighted their impeccable and respectful behavior throughout this entire f–king ordeal.

The fashion notes are simple for Meghan – she wore a caped Stella McCartney look in black. She’d previously worn a version of this dress in navy to QEII’s birthday event in 2018. Meghan again wore the small pearl earrings gifted to her by QEII in 2018 as well. When Meghan was inside Westminster Abbey, she removed her gloves, and when she was outside of the Abbey, she wore her gloves. This has caused some pearl-clutching and gasps from the Cult of Whatever Meghan Does Is Wrong. Seriously though, I can’t believe she bared her forearms at a funeral! What will the church elders think??

I thought the seating was fascinating. While I’m entirely convinced that King Charles has gone out of his way to be petty, vindictive and cruel to his younger sons, I also think Charles knew what he was doing by putting Meghan and Harry in the seats directly behind him. He wanted some of the natural charisma to shine on him. It still wasn’t enough to make Harry sing “God Save the King” though.

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