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bitchy | Duchess Meghan’s ‘friend’ thinks the leaks about the bullying report are ‘suspicious’

I found the Times report on the “Duchess of Sussex bullied staffers” story exceedingly curious two weeks ago, not just the “nothing to see here” from the Palace, but the lack of energy around the news that the inquiry had been completed. For two weeks, it was like the royal reporters were making the choice to sit on their hands and bide their time. They only began freaking out about it last Thursday and Friday, where it seems like someone (in Kensington Palace) is making the effort to blame Harry and Meghan for the fact that Buckingham Palace won’t release the report. There are briefing wars on top of briefing wars and the British media seems somewhat discontented with the way BP has shut down the “Meghan/bullying” issue. What’s also interesting is that it wasn’t really until this weekend that there was some reporting about how Harry and Meghan felt too. Like this curious piece in Yahoo UK:

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are “suspicious” about the timing of a palace statement revealing that the findings of an investigation sparked by allegations Meghan Markle “bullied” aides will remain hidden, Yahoo News UK understands.

Buckingham Palace launched the inquiry in March 2021 after it was alleged Meghan drove out two personal assistants and staff were “humiliated” on several occasions. Meghan has always strenuously denied the allegations.

On Thursday, it was revealed that members of the royal family had been made aware of the changes to policies and procedures of the royal household’s HR department – but that the changes would not be made public.

A royal source said the report – which looked into the palace’s response to the allegations rather than whether or not Meghan bullied employees – would remain secret to protect the “confidentiality” of those who participated.

Yahoo News UK understands that the Sussexes are “unaware” of what the revised policies may be and that the couple has reservations about when the announcement was made.

A friend of the duchess said: “The timing is, once again, suspicious. A very convenient way to deflect from royal finances and Prince Charles’ recent controversy. But then, that is how it goes. They [Harry and Meghan] are used to it.”

[From Yahoo UK]

To be fair to the Windsors – ugh – they leaked the sh-t about the completed investigation in mid-June. Maybe they did that to get ahead of disclosing it at the end of June, I don’t know. It absolutely felt like the British media waited two weeks before they started writing about how the investigation and report were being “buried” though. That was the media making a choice to deflect from Charles’s many scandals and the messiness of the Sovereign Grant. This Yahoo UK story also leads me to believe that Meghan – who was supposed to be the target of the inquiry, the person with the “problematic” behavior – was not informed of the end of the investigation, nor was she informed of what they found or what “changes” were made.

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