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bitchy | Duchess Meghan ‘wanted to be queen bee,’ expected subordinates to do tasks


At some point royal reporters and royal biographers will rehash certain issues over and over again to the point where they’ll actually admit that the Windsors and their people are the problem. That’s kind of where we’re headed. In this case, I’m talking about the whole “Meghan didn’t get along with Kensington Palace staffers” thing. Meghan spent a grand total of about fifteen months under KP’s control, and it genuinely feels like all of those KP morons are *still* crying about it. I think those sad people had never met anyone who told them to their faces that their work wasn’t good and that they needed to do better. It’s been clear from Valentine Low’s book (Courtiers) that those staffers are still completely unwilling to give away any specifics of exactly what they did wrong, so their quotes are always like “something was (passive voice) screwed up and I cried because I knew Meghan would be mad!” Now Katie Nicholl is trying to get to the bottom of exactly what happened When Meghan Met The Palace Staffers.

Meghan Markle believed she was going to be the “queen bee” of the British royal family after marrying Prince Harry, a royal expert claims.

“I think there were culture clashes, there were personality clashes, but I think ultimately, Meghan did want to be queen bee,” royal expert Katie Nicholl told True Royalty TV’s “The Royal Beat,” according to a Mirror article published Friday.

Nicholl explained that the Duchess of Sussex, who was accused of allegedly bullying staffers, expected the Palace to take immediate action at her request, even allegedly sending out emails with orders late at night.

“She expected an immediacy that went with those dawn emails so that she’d hatch an idea, want it executed by the next day, and didn’t quite get that the Palace worked at a different pace,” Nicholl claimed.

The royal expert added that she didn’t think Markle’s early correspondence was “a huge issue” because the King would also send late-night emails.

“But my understanding from the people that I spoke to, many of whom did work for the Sussexes, was that Meghan in particular [would] want everything done now,” Nicholl explained.

[From Page Six]

I 100% believe that Meghan would send a text in the evening, something like “when you get into the office tomorrow, can you set up calls with Joe and Mildred at SmartWorks?” And the staffer would then cry about the text all night, go into the office at 11 am, tell Jason Knauf that Meghan was bullying her, and the SmartWorks calls were never made. But again, none of that means that Meghan wanted to be “queen bee.” She wanted people to work and they’re still f–king crying about it. Expecting subordinates to complete tasks in a timely manner isn’t “wanting to be queen bee.” It’s called being the boss.

(It’s also become abundantly clear that there was a deliberate and active KP effort to sabotage Meghan, in my opinion, and pretty soon these royal biographies will end up confirming that too.)

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