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bitchy | Duchess Meghan is ‘making the right noises’ for a political career, apparently


While I’m thousands of miles away from Fleet Street, I can feel the sweaty panic as the British media tries, with all their might, to smear the Duchess of Sussex after her Vogue discussion with Gloria Steinem. Here in the US, the Vogue piece landed like many other pieces from celebrity women. As in, celebrity women are using their voices to speak out against the Dobbs decision, to talk about their stories of reproductive choice, and to help other women to organize and get active.

Of course, Meghan’s statements landed differently in the UK, as outlets like the Daily Mail ran to Republican congressmen and asked them to blast Meghan. One Republican congresswoman told the Mail: “This is just another attempt from the ex-royals to insert their British drama in American politics. I don’t think anyone on this side of the pond cares for Meghan Markle’s opinion on killing babies. However, I think her running for President would be a great episode for The Crown.” That quote is absolutely horrifying on like twenty different levels, and interestingly enough, most British outlets didn’t go as far as all that to slam Meghan as a pro-choice advocate. So now everything has shifted back over to “Meghan is going to run for office!” and “Meghan is going to run for President!” Because all of these people are incredibly stupid.

Meghan Markle is ‘certainly making the right noises’ when it comes to a potential career in United States politics, according to royal expert, Russell Myers. Speaking on the ‘Lorraine’ show today, he discussed the comments Meghan, 40, made to Vogue over the weekend about the repealing of Roe v. Wade during a conversation with feminist author and activist Gloria Steinem, 88, and journalist Jessica Yellin.

The conversation reignited rumors that the royal may be planning to enter politics, which Russell said he thought is likely.

‘Prince Harry and Megan have moved over to the United States. They’ve got their financial freedom. They’ve got their essential freedom from the royal family so they can speak on political issues,’ Myers said. ‘And certainly, Meghan was speaking to Vogue at the weekend, talking about Roe versus Wade, a very, very controversial abortion law that has been repealed in the US.’

Meghan also hinted in their Vogue conversation that a trip to the political capital may be in the cards, suggesting that she and Gloria could be ‘taking a trip to DC together soon.’ Referring to this, Myers said: ‘Now Meghan has said, you know, that [she] might be in Washington very soon. So does she have political ambitions? I do think she does. And she’s certainly rubbing shoulders with the right people and making the right noises. So, you know, sometimes it might not seem so ludicrous that she might stand for office because she’s certainly making the right noises.’

[From The Daily Mail]

… Do these people not understand the difference between political activism versus running for office? I’m really asking. If anything, these past few years have only emphasized that Meghan will continue her political activism AND that she has no desire to run for office or put herself out there in any way. Meghan isn’t “making the right noises” to run for office, she’s discussing in plain terms what needs to be done and how she’s interested in personally lobbying elected officials on reproductive rights issues.

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