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bitchy | Duchess Meghan is ‘extremely disappointed’ with the ‘bimbo’ backlash?


Remarkably, people are still talking about the Duchess of Sussex’s Archetypes podcast about the “bimbo” trope/stereotype. Some of it – especially in the British papers – was just misogynists gleefully running headlines with “Meghan” and “bimbo” together. But the rest of the “controversy” has been really stupid and awful, with people putting words in Meghan’s mouth or refusing to simply listen to what she said about working on Deal or No Deal. She was basically talking about how she felt like she was being objectified and treated like a bimbo, so she quit and moved on to other projects. At no point did she say “Deal or No Deal was trash, I hated it completely” or “everyone sucked on that show” or anything like that. There was nuance to what she said about being objectified (while still being grateful for a job) and that nuance was completely lost on so many people. So, how does Meghan feel about the “bimbo mess”? Us Weekly’s sources claim that they know.

Rising above. Meghan Markle “doesn’t regret” speaking up about her experience on Deal or No Deal, a source exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly. The Duchess of Sussex, 41, recently recalled what it was like to be one of the “briefcase girls” on the NBC game show, alleging on her “Archetypes” podcast that she felt like the job reduced her to a “bimbo.” Her comments quickly raised eyebrows, but the Suits alum is choosing to take the high road.

“This negative backlash is extremely disappointing to Meghan, but she’s learned a long time ago not to get too cut up or demotivated by those who wish to dwell in negativity, especially over something so trivial as a job she left many years ago,” the insider tells Us. “She knows that there are certain critics who will go to great lengths to stir the pot and call her out as a hypocrite in any way possible.”

The California alum, who wed Prince Harry in 2018, “doesn’t find it fair or easy to deal with” criticism from the public, the source adds. “Her general response is to shrug her shoulders and say it is what it is.”

Per the insider, the Bench author “has said what she wanted to say” about the topic — and wouldn’t take it back. “She’s moved on and hopes others can now do the same,” the source tells Us.

[From Us Weekly]

I actually hope this isn’t how Meghan feels! Granted, she’s doing the right thing by not addressing it or doing a follow-up mini-pod or what have you. But if she really thinks that the issue is about “something so trivial as a job she left many years ago” – like, girl, you were the one who brought it up! You told your “bimbo” story in your podcast, don’t try to play it off like “who cares at this point”! Which is why I doubt this is actually from Meghan or her people. The whole point of that story is that even Meghan has worked at jobs which put too much value on her looks and not her intelligence.

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