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bitchy | Duchess Meghan deconstructs the ‘bimbo’ trope with Paris Hilton on ‘Archetypes’


The Duchess of Sussex’s new Archetypes podcast is out! This week’s episode is “Breaking Down the Bimbo with Paris Hilton.” This week, Meghan is talking about the “bimbo” and “dumb blonde” archetypes, the beautiful women cut down and undervalued by society for being “dumb.” I appreciate that Meghan acknowledges that women play into these tropes sometimes, and many women find ways to subvert the “bimbo” stereotype and profit from it.

I’m listening to the pod as I write this, and because I barely listen to Paris Hilton speak in recent years, I didn’t know that she had abandoned the sexy-baby voice. She’s using her real voice in this pod which is really nice. Here’s the pod:

Paris Hilton talks about the abuse she suffered at the private boarding school she was sent to at the age of 16, and where she lived for two years. It’s interesting to reposition the Paris Hilton we saw as a young adult and understand that she was still processing the trauma she went through at the boarding school – she survived the abuse by dreaming of the kind of the person she would become, how she would brand herself as a real-life Barbie to assume control of her life, so no one could control her.

Anyway, this is a good one – they’ve all been good. Meghan is a good interviewer. Paris tells Meghan that she (Meghan) comes across as a girl’s girl, which is true.

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