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bitchy | Duchess Kate wore sapphires & a blue McQueen coatdress to Garter Day


Here are some photos from Monday’s Order of the Garter service, aka Garter Day. The senior royals and assorted Knights Garter gathered at Windsor Castle. The Duchess of Cornwall was inducted into the Order of the Garter, which meant she got to wear the fancy velvet robe and feathered hat. Camilla joined her husband in the procession, and Tony Blair was there, and Prince William, Prince Edward and others. While several foreign kings are “Stranger Knights,” it does not appear that those kings traveled to Windsor for the day. Like, King Felipe and King Willem-Alexander are Stranger Knights, but they didn’t come (I didn’t see them, maybe I’m wrong). The Queen also skipped the public part of the day, and Prince Andrew was seen driving over to the castle to take his place at the lunch and private ceremony. Andrew was blocked from sashaying around in public in his velvet robes.

Notably, Duchess Kate came out to see and support her husband. She’s frequently made it out for Garter Day. Even when she was simply Waity, William’s official girlfriend, she got invited to view the procession. For this year’s Garter Day, Kate chose a new (?) Alexander McQueen coatdress with a hat by Juliette Botterill. Again, Kate desperately wants this shade of blue to be “Cambridge blue” or her personal signature color or something. I wish she wouldn’t because I simply don’t like this shade. She looks better in reds and burgundy anyway. I suspect she wants to wear so much blue because she has all of those sapphires which belonged to Diana.

Anyway, the coatdress is… meh. She has several versions of the exact same look – most of them from Emilia Wickstead – already in her closet. She also has dozens of McQueen coatdresses in her closet, in all different colors. Why she repeatedly chooses to throw off her own proportions and make herself look long-waisted and short-legged, I’ll never know.

The Countess of Wessex wore some pale pink mess. It’s unflattering but it’s also kind of a “Kate look.” Sophie and Princess Beatrice have both been trying out some Kate-like styles recently.

Photos courtesy of Instar.


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