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bitchy | Duchess Kate ‘insists’ that Prince George wear a suit & tie to ‘royal events’


Last year, Prince George went to some of the Euro football games at Wembley. The Cambridges got VIP seating, of course, and I’m sure there was some kind of dress code, but I would guess that the dress code was along the lines of “no jeans and men should wear a jacket.” Wimbledon has a similar dress code for the Royal Box on Center Court – if you’re lucky enough to get in the Royal Box, men cannot wear jeans and a jacket must be work, although I don’t believe a tie is necessary. Still, Kate is the royal patron of Wimbledon and she brought George for his first-ever visit to the club. You would think that George would simply get away with wearing trousers and a button-down shirt, right? Especially given the heatwave in London? Not so much. If Kate isn’t dressing George up like Little Lord Fauntleroy, she’s making him dress like a 50-year-old banker. For all of George’s sporting-event appearances, he’s wear full-on suits and ties. One royal commentator claims that this call is ALL Kate.

Speaking to OK! magazine, Duncan Larcombe claimed the Duchess of Cambridge is helping to ease her eldest son into life in the public eye – and it’s all starting with his wardrobe.

The expert said: “George is only just beginning to understand his destiny, but Kate has got the journey planned. As he starts to appear at public events in a royal capacity, the Duchess is reportedly the one who insists on eight-year-old George wearing a suit – like he has at the Wimbledon final today.”

And while Prince William was apparently “keen on the idea” of his son donning an England shirt for the Euros final last summer, it was Kate who insisted he looked more formal.

Duncan said: “She was showing George that being ’on duty’ requires a different approach. He has to learn to don the royal armour.”

[From The Sun]

“Don the royal armour” – the child is not even nine years old and he’s not being allowed to take off his suit jacket in 85-degree heat. The Cambridges always want credit for “raising their kids in a normal way,” but this isn’t it? Letting kids be kids would be… letting George wear a t-shirt and taking him to see a tennis match on one of the outer courts, earlier in the tournament, far away from the Royal Box. Letting kids be kids would be allowing George to wear his England jersey to a football match. Now, it’s interesting that Kate is getting the credit/blame for this. I do think that she’s the one saying what George should and should not wear, and she clearly wants her son to look like a Victorian ghost and/or a 1980s banker.

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