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bitchy | Duchess Kate ‘implants ideas in William’ & he ‘carries them out’ in his way


Between Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, which one is smarter? I’ve come around to the idea that both William and Kate are pretty dumb, but I kind of think William could be technically a bit smarter than his wife? Like, we’ve seen Kate interact with people and try to have conversations. You can see it on people’s faces, the dawning realization that she has no idea what she’s saying or doing half the time. When people speak to William, they don’t seem to be put off by his intellect (or lack thereof) – it’s his manner and his boredom which come across in public. I bring this up because Ingrid Seward claims that Kate is the “power behind the throne” and everything William does is somehow Kate’s brainchild.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been married for over a decade. Speaking on the couple’s marriage, it has been suggested by royal expert Ingrid Seward that Kate is the “power” behind William and that the Duchess plays an incredibly supportive and active role in William’s life. Ms Seward discussed Kate’s role with host Kate Thornton on the Royal Beat.

Ms Seward said: “She [Kate] is the power behind William, I feel like.

Referring to one of the guests talking about Heads Together, a campaign set up by the couple and Prince Harry, the royal expert said: “It was Catherine’s idea”.

The royal expert added: “She’s so clever that she implants ideas in William and lets him carry them out in his own way. [But] she doesn’t take the credit, which is quite remarkable. She has been the credit for a lot of things.”

Ms Seward praised the Duchess by stating that she “encourages” him and “pushes” him, before adding that Kate just “stands back”.

[From The Daily Express]

I think this is the Middleton version of William and Kate’s dynamic, but it’s not the reality whatsoever. Maybe it was at some point, but I even doubt that. Now, if we replaced “Kate” with “Carole,” that was definitely the case for years. Carole definitely took it upon herself to implant ideas in William’s head and act as the power behind both William and Kate. I would argue that Carole is the entire reason William and Kate’s marriage survived for the first six or seven years. But something shifted significantly in recent years and Carole Middleton’s power over William has subsided (or perhaps been eliminated entirely). Currently, William is being carefully groomed by Tory political operatives and the Queen’s old-guard aides to be the kind of arch-conservative king they want. I think many people would genuinely be shocked by how little influence Kate actually has over William. His PR has emphasized that a lot in the past year too, that William thinks of Kate fondly as the mother of his children and nothing more.

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