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bitchy | Duchess Kate cosplayed Diana in a £1,970 Alessandra Rich dress at Royal Ascot


I honestly wasn’t expecting the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to attend Royal Ascot at all, but they waited until the last day, Friday. They waited until the Countess of Wessex’s fug style had bored everyone to tears. That’s one way to get attention, I guess. Incidentally, Queen Elizabeth didn’t go to Royal Ascot on any of the days. You know her health is really struggling when she misses out on all of her favorite events, from garden parties to Royal Ascot.

Anyway, Kate made it all about Kate. She wore this £1,970 Alessandra Rich dress which… I’ll say one nice thing about it: it looks expensive. Most of the time, when Kate wears something really pricey, she tends to cheapen it and people ask “did it really cost that much?” Not so in this case – this genuinely looks like an expensive dress. I don’t even really mind the polka dotted fabric, and I think this could have been a somewhat solid look if there were some tweaks and edits in the design. Namely, that big ruffle across the chest is such a bad design choice. Combined with the high neck and the slim, buttoned cuffs, the effect is “pinched” and “prissy.” Kate also wore a pair of diamond-and-pearl earrings which once belonged to Diana.

Of course, this dress is Diana cosplay. Diana wore a nearly identical dress to Ascot in 1988. If you look at Diana’s 1988 dress though, there was no giant chest ruffle and no prissy buttons. Diana’s dress was pretty sleek, actually. As always, I have to wonder if William actually finds it pretty creepy that his wife is constantly cosplaying his dead mother. I understand why Kate does it for certain important occasions, like christenings or whatever. But the level of detail and obsession that she has for cosplaying Diana at just regular old events is kind of disturbing.

PS… I have seen allll of the royal stories which broke on Friday and Saturday. Please do not threadjack! Trust that we will talk about royal messes all week.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Instar.


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