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bitchy | Duchess Camilla ‘enjoys a good relationship’ with both Meghan & Kate?

Early in Prince Harry and Meghan’s relationship, the gossip was that Meghan liked Prince Charles a great deal, and that she also had a pleasant enough relationship with the Duchess of Cornwall. I seem to remember the Sussexes visiting Charles and Camilla shortly after Harry and Meghan’s 2018 wedding, and I also remember the Sussexes postponing their honeymoon so that they could appear at an event with Charles and Camilla. It all went to hell though. While the Charles-Harry fallout is the bigger story, I’ve come to wonder what role Camilla played in the larger campaign to drive Harry & Meghan out of the country and the larger campaign to smear Meghan. Because after the Sussexit, it became clear that Camilla was quite pleased to have seen off another “rival.” Meghan’s beauty, hard work and charisma must have been quite triggering for Camilla, and even her own biographer makes it sound like Camilla was jealous of Meghan from the start, and Camilla hated how much attention Meghan got. Well, now that we’re in the midst of Camilla’s big birthday “refocus the narrative” extravaganza, Emily Andrews is here to tell us that Camilla has a “good relationship” with both Kate and Meghan:

It is that relationship [with Prince Charles], that love and constancy that has sustained her – they share a sense of humour, laugh at each other’s jokes and like nothing better than to holiday at Birkhall (Charles’ Scottish estate) together.

A friend says: “He’s settled and happy, and they have an incredibly warm relationship. It’s instinctive and none of it is for show. She’s very protective of him. She sees the whole business of royalty as a team effort. She takes it very, very seriously but is not always serious.”

They have also revelled in becoming grandparents. Camilla is very close to her children Tom and Laura, and sees as much of her five grandchildren as she can – going to southern Europe every year for a ‘bucket and spade’ holiday with them.

She kept her house Ray Mill in Wiltshire, as an “escape” and will often be driven back there after a formal dinner at Charles’s Cotswolds house Highgrove, so she can kick off her shoes, put on a dressing gown, pour a glass of wine and watch TV (Strictly Come Dancing is a favourite) while Charles works into the small hours.

Always welcoming of other royal women, she extended the hand of friendship to both Kate and Meghan – and enjoys a good relationship with both.

[From The Sun]

O RLY? Because for the past year, royal commentators were definitely gleefully reporting consistently that Camilla hated Meghan on sight and thought Meghan was “scheming” and “too American” and too glamorous. They said Camilla hated Meghan for “what she did to Charles,” as in… Meghan was supposed to stay in the UK to be abused “for Charles.” Now Camilla wants credit for being friendly with both Kate and Meghan? Nope. And I’ll say this too – I think the fact that Camilla and Kate get along speaks unfavorably about both. Camilla sees Kate as a useful idiot, Kate sees Camilla as a manipulative a–hole, just like her own mother.

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