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bitchy | Duchess Camilla & Duchess Kate are ‘very, very close, they really are’


For the Duchess of Cornwall’s big Country Life cover and guest-editorship, she wanted her step-daughter-in-law to photograph her. Duchess Kate posed Camilla on a bench in the backyard of Camilla’s private home, Ray Mill, and boom, that was the cover shot. The Country Life cover led some people to wonder whether Camilla and Kate are actually a lot closer than we’ve previously believed? I don’t think Camilla and Kate have ever had any kind of falling out, but I thought their relationship was more “work friends” than family. These days, I feel like I have a better understanding of how manipulative Camilla is, and how she must view Kate. Camilla likely sees Kate as a convenient royal idiot, someone who will not threaten Camilla’s power, and generally sort of useless. Kate is who Camilla thought Diana would be. Which is some kind of strange working alliance, but sure. Anyway, Katie Nicholl had some thoughts about Camilla and Kate’s relationship:

Kate Middleton and the Duchess of Cornwall have a ‘very close’ relationship, a royal expert has claimed. Earlier this week, it emerged Camilla, 74, had commissioned the Duchess of Cambridge, 40, to take her portrait for a special cover of Country Life released to mark her 75th birthday.

Speaking on GB News this morning, Vanity Fair’s Katie Nicholl said it was ‘lovely’ Camilla had asked Kate to take the snap, adding: ‘They’re very very close, they really are.

‘It’s interesting isn’t it, we were sitting here talking about the fab four last time and, of course, that was Harry and Meghan and William and Kate and now we talk about a very different fab four. We are talking about Charles and Camilla and William and Kate.’

[From The Daily Mail]

“They’re very very close, they really are” – I doubt it, as I said. They’re not enemies or anything and they get along fine, but they’re not super-tight. I wonder if Camilla reminds Kate a little bit of Carole. Same generation, puppet-master types who keep their eyes on the prize. As for the sad “fab four” talk… it’s hilarious, really. Kate and William should be so insulted by the idea that they need an extra “couple” to heighten interest. Why is there this need to create any kind of Fab Four? Oh, right.

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