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bitchy | Did Prince William give Kate a pair of £100 earrings for Christmas?


Prince William has never struck me as particularly generous in general, or specifically with Kate. He honestly seems cheap, and especially cheap when it comes to Kate. There are always rumors that William “bought” Kate certain pieces of jewelry, but most of the nice stuff she’s worn over the years have been loaners from the Royal Collection or they’re from Princess Diana’s personal collection. For daytime events, Kate went through a phase where she wore a lot of Kiki McDonough earrings, mostly semi-precious stones set in simple drop settings. I remember hearing rumors that William “bought” her those McDonough pieces but later we learned that Kate picked all of that stuff out herself and just charged it to her father-in-law. My point? William isn’t lavishing nice jewelry on his bewigleted wife. So it’s a little bit funny that Keen fans are now convinced that William gave Kate a pair of £100 earrings for Christmas, the same earrings she wore on the Christmas walk at Sandringham.

Dazzling Kate sported a pair of £100 drop earrings that were a Christmas present from Prince William. The gold-plated baubles, featuring an intricate coin-style design and dangling jewels, are from high street brand Sezane – which Kate is known to love.

Yesterday, the ocean blue Dina earrings sold out online within minutes of Kate appearing in them. They are made from gold-plated recycled brass and natural stones.

The Princess of Wales has been spotted in Sezane clothing on several occasions, and regularly wears earrings from the French chain. She is known to own at least five pairs.

Royal watchers said it was “so sweet” of Wills to buy jewellery from one of his wife’s favourite stores.

[From The Sun]

One, we don’t know for sure if William gave her those earrings, it’s just an assumption by Keen fans. Two, if William did pick those out… well, the man is cheap as hell. Sure, I would love a pair of £100 earrings, as would most people. But William truly has access to a huge fortune when he inherited the Duchy of Cornwall this year. He couldn’t buy his wife something more expensive? I hope William’s mistress got better jewelry out of him. But again… I doubt it. He just seems so cheap.

Also, I just can’t see William selecting these earrings, they’re too big and garish. Kate chose them for herself. Ever since she became Princess of Wales, her jewelry selections have been “off.”

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.


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