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bitchy | Did Khloe Kardashian get her implants removed or her BBL reversed?

I still remember the moment in 2014 when I suddenly realized that Khloe Kardashian had recently (at that time) gotten full-on oversized ass implants. Khloe was always taller and more athletic/muscular than her sisters but pre-2014, she was never known for having an ass like Kim. Then, out of nowhere, Khloe’s butt was even bigger than Kim’s. Khloe claimed that her newly giant ass was the product of really tough workouts but that was a lie. Granted, she works out a lot. But she also has a plastic surgeon on speed dial and her face and body have been augmented a dozen times over the years.

I bring this up because there were new photos of Khloe out and about this week. She was with her mother and they were doing some promotion for their Hulu reality show. Khloe wore a sleek white halter jumpsuit and it looked pretty good on her. Then people saw the side view and the back view, and some are theorizing that Khloe took out her ass implants?

The “BBL” in this now-viral tweet is “Brazilian Butt Lift.” BBL is a fat transfer as opposed to actual “implants.” I genuinely think Khloe had implants and now she has a BBL though.

Meanwhile, the most recent episode of The Kardashians was all about Khloe finding out that Tristan Thompson got Maralee Nichols pregnant and Khloe was apparently distraught because the first 20 times Tristan cheated on didn’t teach her anything. But it also included Kim speaking to the camera about “trolls” and this is hilarious. Kim is so savage. “Even after he dogged her and embarrassed the sh-t out of her” – lol.

Photos courtesy of Instar.

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