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bitchy | Did Harry Styles spit on Chris Pine at the ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ premiere?!


So much happened during Monday’s Venice Film Festival press conference and premiere of Don’t Worry Darling that I have to split everything up into individual posts. It’s been a while since we’ve had this much behind-the-scenes drama and premiere drama for a film. Like, maybe Mad Max: Fury Road? But the premieres were nowhere near this awkward. So, this post is about Harry Styles and a little bit about Chris Pine too. Harry was kept apart from Olivia Wilde at the presser and on the red carpet. As I predicted, Chris Pine was tasked with acting as buffer for the whole situation, so was Gemma Chan. Incidentally, Harry wore Gucci on the red carpet.

Chris looked like he was dissociating during the presser and some of the media he had to do with Harry. I’m including some funny stuff below. Harry seemed like he was in a good mood though – he especially enjoyed being around Nick Kroll, and Harry kissed Nick at the premiere. But the moment which has caught everyone by surprise is where Harry was going to his seat next to Pine and it appears as if Harry SPAT on Chris.

First couple of times I watched this, I didn’t see anything but “awkward.” But now? I totally think Harry spat on Chris’s sunglasses or pants. Chris saw it and that’s why he stopped clapping. It’s so random and gross. DON’T SPIT ON COWORKERS.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.


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