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bitchy | Diane Warren, shady about Beyonce: ‘How can there be 24 writers on a song?’


The issue of “Beyonce the songwriter” is one which has been around for years, and will be around for decades. The Beyhive will tell us that of course Beyonce is a brilliant songwriter who has co-created hit after hit after hit. Music industry insiders tell some different stories, and some haters even claim that Beyonce doesn’t write any of her music. One thing Beyonce is good at though? Crediting all of her “co-writers.” On Lemonade, she had 72 co-songwriters. For just one song on Renaissance, “Alien Superstar,” she has 24 writers. Here are all of the credits:

Beyoncé teamed up with an army of writers for this throbbing dance track. They are (deep breath): American House DJ, Honey Dijon, Kanye West’s go-to co-producer Mike Dean, production duo Nova Wav, Bey’s husband Jay-Z, Jay-Z collaborator Levar Coppin, R&B singer-songwriter Lucky Daye, UK singer-songwriter Labrinth, rapper/singer 070 Shake, 070’s producer Dave Hamelin, Swedish producer Rami Yacoub, Dutch singer-songwriter Leven Kali, Austrian House producer Peter Rauhofer, New Jersey singer-songwriter Kam DeLa, California producer Sal Dali, Georgia songwriter Ink, London producer Luke Solomon and multi-national deep house producer Chris Penny. Foremost Poets, under his real name John Holiday, “I’m Too Sexy” writers Rob Manzoli, Richard Fairbrass and Christopher Fairbrass, and Barbara Ann Teer all receive songwriting credits as well.

[From Song Facts]

All of those credits and she doesn’t even list Prince? Because “Alien Superstar” sounds A LOT like Prince, especially the bridge. Anyway, as everyone binges Renaissance on a loop, Diane Warren decided to pipe up. Warren is one of the most famous songwriters in the world, and she usually works alone to craft her songs. Meaning, there’s one credit on her songs: Diane Warren. This is what she tweeted:

The Beyhive was in full attack mode. Against Diane Warren!! Surely the Hive could have just left this one go? Does the Beyhive really want to get into the nitty-gritty of Beyonce’s songwriting credits? Really? Anyway, yes, Warren was being shady. When you have this kind of back catalog of songwriting credits, you can actually afford to poke the Beyhive a little.

Seriously though, how does this song not have a Prince credit?

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